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Friday Five: Marvelous Music

1. What is the first record/tape/CD that you bought? Aqua’s Aquarium. Yep. I’m not ashamed of it. You all know you can still sing along to “Barbie Girl”.
2. Who is your favorite all time band/singer? I’ve loved *NSync for ages. Aside from “I Thought She Knew,” which gives me a headache through headphones (too much harmony coming at me all at once), I love all their songs. If Justin can just get a smaller head and record with them again, he could be even more successful. Please?
3. What have you been listening to lately? Not much. I study so much, I don’t really get to listen to music. If I do, it’s random compilations of music I own and a few songs I randomly (and totally legally!) downloaded.
4. What is your favorite radio station, what do they play, and where do they broadcast? Usually HOT 99.5, which is like TRL radio. Carson Daly even hosts a weeknight “most requested” show. I also love Z104, which is just outside mainstream, but not totally alternative. I can’t pick it up at school, though; too much static. I used to like MIX 107.3 as well, but when I went home for spring break, I found that they’d changed formats to “a mix of everything” instead of “a mix of the 80’s, 90’s, and today.” In short, that means they plan tons of 70’s music I don’t even recognize, so there goes that one.
5. Can you recommend a good song or CD that everyone should listen to? The Garden State soundtrack is pretty awesome. Very mellow. The Shins is growing on me.

Last Friday night, I went to a party. Shocker, I know. Guy found me working on my independent astro labs and convinced me to do to Danielle’s apartment with Hana and him. I was reluctant, but then I remembered how bored I get all alone, and I’d already watched Joan of Arcadia, so I agreed. We missed the first blue shuttle, so in the long wait for the next one (three oranges went by… the bus, not the fruit) we played an alphabet game. “I’m going on a trip and I’m bringing an apple. I’m going on a trip and I’m bringing an apple and a bear.” It got crazier after that. I should have known; Hana’s closer to falling off the edge than I am, I think. We wound up with Rob Thomas, Trillian (from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), a limo, a sailboat, Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo (the first “o” that popped into my head; I don’t know why, either), a vibrator, a jar, a camel, X (ecstasy), and a bunch of other things. It was one wild imaginary trip.

The party was actually kind of cool. When I go out with friends expressly to have fun, I get this huge adrenaline rush. I can actually be happy. Maybe it was just all the stress evanescing, but I had a good time. There were a ton of people there. Danielle’s ex, Kyle, was a lot like Guy, and therefore cool. I was talking to him and Guy as I finished drinking my iced tea. I always tip soda can s straight up over my head to get the last drop, so when I did that, I got a good look at the ceiling. “Wow, this ceiling is so cool!” I said. Guy and Kyle just stared, then Kyle took my can and said, “Okay, no more Brisk for you,” and we all laughed. It was weird being around people who were drinking and/or had just returned from smoking weed across the hall, but I had fun. Guy drove us home in this girl’s car (she said she was sober, but had been in the weed-smoking room, so she was afraid of getting stopped by the gate guy).

On Sunday, I got up and went to church as usual. Father Bill gives the best homilies. Afterward, I took a slow walk to South Campus for a bagel. I don’t think they have Testudo waffles on that side — I’m going to miss that when I move next year. Then I wasted time outside before finally going to Tydings. I had an induction ceremony for Primannum that day, so I thought I could just go straight there from church, but I just wound up being really early. Luckily, Scott, Annie, and Anne M. showed up after a little while. We got our “goodie bags” and certificates. We were so early, Scott, Anne, and I decided to head back to our dorm to drop off the bags. We met up with Scott’s parents on the way back, and they gave us a ride to our dorm, then back to Tydings. That saved us a lot of walking, so I got to wear my cute shoes. (Considering the size of my feet, it’s a wonder I even own cute shoes. I was eager to wear them.)

In Tydings, we were sorted alphabetically. Scott’s a fellow W, so we went and small-talked with the other W’s. The wait was much more fun that way. When we finally made it over to the chapel, the middle-of-the-alphabet people managed to screw up the order. Really, is it that hard to stay in a line? A very long line, but still. The ceremony itself was long and not that interesting. When it was my turn to say my name and major, I stumbled. I forgot the speakers were pointed out, so I wouldn’t be able to hear my own amplification. First Friday Karaoke threw me off. I made it across the… non-altar… successfully, though. (It was weird being in the same building twice in one day for two very different reasons.) Afterward, my mom and grandma drove me back to the dorm to drop off groceries, then we went to Bennigan’s. The service wasn’t great, but the food was yummy. I even had leftovers — very important when Diner food’s your only other option. Then I came home and worked like mad, having wasted a whole day. I also interviewed my piano teacher for women’s studies. There were technical difficulties, and I had to tape in the stairwell, and it took almost two hours instead of the recommended one. But I did it.

My Monday women’s studies discussion was fun as usual. My TA’s say we’re they’re favorite section. We have just enough to say that we can actually discuss the chapter, but then we just chat. We usually talk about our weekends. By “we”, I mean “everyone else,” really, since my weekends are usually so boring. Workshop was not as good. She didn’t give us enough time to read the stories and comment before we broke into groups, so we didn’t have as much time to discuss. I got a curved 99 on my astro test, though — yay! If only I could do so well on my homeworks. They count more. Everwood finally came off hiatus. Ephram reacted really badly to finding out about the baby, which is totally understandable. It’ll be interesting to see where they go with this, especially since May sweeps are upon us.

Tuesday had its yucky moments. I managed to cram in The Metamorphosis before lit, which was a welcome change. I followed discussion, though I didn’t contribute. I have two papers (or one long one) due on Thursday for that class. (Insert primal scream here.) Once again, I didn’t manage to read for my honors seminar. It showed, though, because no one else read, either. Buffy class sucked, too. We had to submit preliminary proposals for our screenplays. I had zero ideas. I finally went with Joan of Arcadia, since I’ve been loving that show so much lately. It may be too much for me, though, since I have to write God. (Insert additional primal scream.) Could turn out well, though. Maybe. I don’t know. After we went through proposals, we discussed our TA’s article on strategic marginalization of race on The WB and UPN. It led to this really long, heated debate, which I stayed for but did not participate in. Yeah, I’ve always sucked at wild discussion like that. Then I went to dinner, then astro lab. Lab was okay; got back early-ish. I wanted so much to be at Room Selection, but I trusted that Maura would proxy well. And she did: I’m moving next semester to a dorm that apparently has carpeting (ooh) as well as a/c (ahh). One of our closets might be smaller than the other, but eh.

Wednesday was blah, too. Workshop wasn’t much better, since we had short stories that time. There is definitely not enough time to read and comment on two short stories for discussion — and she’d planned to do three! Then, I had to face defeat in women’s studies. The paper for my interview project was due, and I hadn’t had the time to work on it. I had to arrange to turn it in late. On my way home, I finally bought a Terp hoodie. I wanted to get one that said “Fear the Turtle” with my coupon, but they didn’t have it in my size, so I got another. Then I came home and worked.

I spent Thursday morning doing my laundry, since I had to skip it on Tuesday laundry day. No quarters. Then I attempted to do my reading. Why do I even bother anymore? I’m only slightly more prepared than if I hadn’t read at all. Turns out most of the class didn’t read, either, so lit sucked extra. I also attempted to my music history reading during my downtime. Didn’t finish that, either. And I got held up cooking lunch. Our microwave has been broken for about two weeks. I called 4-WORK, but apparently they’re too busy turning on the a/c to fix our microwave. Okay, 4-WORK, you suck. Our outlets are still out, too. I went to Chipotle with Greg for dinner, which was just as yummy as last time (… ’cause I had the same thing.) ER came off hiatus, too, but I couldn’t find Alex, so I watched it alone.

I came back to the dorm after astro lecture on Friday, took my computer to the study lounge, and worked like mad on my women’s studies paper. I finished around one o’clock, printed, and walked it all the way to Woods, then came back and packed to go home. My great-grandmother died Sunday, and my grandma asked me to read her letter to her mother at the funeral this morning. I didn’t really want to go, but I did anyway. So my dad drove me home, I ate Ramen, did some homework, and then had Papa John’s. (Is it weird that I eat Ramen only when I go home?) Then I watched tv, including the season finale of Joan. It was so creepy. I really hope it gets renewed next season (that and American Dreams — why are all my shows getting cancelled?). I also intend to get the Season One DVD’s from somewhere. I’d buy them, but I’m cheap and I don’t believe in tv on DVD. After Joan, I went to fix my family’s computer. I actually went to check my email, but since they finally got DSL (so much yay!), I decided to do them a favor. I downloaded Firefox, McAfee VirusScan, and Spybot Search & Destroy, all of which I use. I scanned the hard drive, too, finding a total of 300 problems. Three hundred. What could Courtney possibly be downloading? It was late by then, so I ironed and went to bed.

I got up super-early to get ready for the funeral today. I felt cheated, since it involved a lot of waiting at the church. And I missed breakfast. The mass was nice, though. I got to ride in a funeral procession for the second time, and found out that not only can they run red lights, you’re supposed to put on your emergency flashers when driving in them so other cars will know to stop for you. We came back home for my mom’s lemon cake, then went to my grandma’s house. The food was good; I brought some back with me for dinner. I was bored like I always am at family gatherings. My dad took me back to our house, I packed, and came back here. It started drizzling on the way up, which turned into a full-blown storm a little while ago.

And now I am going to eat grandma food and go work like mad… again. Grr. Argh.

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