Cookies and Milkshakes

Friday Five
(1) What do you picture when you think of lawyers? Briefcases, suits (the kind with a suit jacket and those longish skirts), and thick books.
(2) What do you picture when you think of accountants? The old-fashioned kind, with those green plastic visors, long-sleeved striped shirts, and that armband-thing.
(3) What do you picture when you think of clergy? I got this image of an old-fashioned priest, too, in a long black robe with a white collar. Nothing like the awesome Fr. Bill.
(4) What do you picture when you think of garbagemen? Dark blue jumpsuits and baseball hats. And the way they hang on to the back of the truck while they’re in the neighborhood, so they can just jump off to grab the trash cans.
(5) What do you picture when you think of a best friend? Smiling. That’s the first image I saw when I thought “best friend,” a smile.

The HH formal was fantastic. I wore an old dress, but I still felt cute. All the guys cleaned up nicely, too. We were “fashionably late,” which was new for me, but fine. For reasons I’ll never understand, we had a Southern hoe-down type theme, so the band played some country-sounding songs. The food (barbecue) was good, except that the cookies were hard. I had great fun dancing. Oh, I love to dance. I want to go to a club sometime, but I’d need sober people I trust to go with me. That’s part of why I didn’t go to Platinum last semester. Anyway, I danced a lot and had fun. The end.

We ended women’s studies discussion early on Monday, so that was nice. I was really chatty and animated during workshop. Once I find my comfort zone with people, I enjoy interacting in class a lot more. I went outside after that. I laid on the mall to read, moving out of the sun when I realized just how hot it was lying there. To my left, two people started speaking Italian to each other. That was okay; I kept reading. After a little while, I hear German. “I’ve finally snapped,” I think to myself, but no. A German class has come out of Jimenez and is practicing conversation directly behind me. It was weird, but before it bothered me too much, I had to go to astro discussion anyway.

It was nice that Tuesday was my last horrible Tuesday. I stayed totally awake during lit class. Maybe my body knew it was the last time I’d have to fight fatigue, so it gave me a break. Even my honors seminar went okay. The group presented on women in rock, and I identified Stevie Nicks and Joan Jett just by their songs. Okay, when I heard the beginning of “Edge of Seventeen,” I totally thought, “Destiny’s Child?” but still. In Buffy class, we read more scripts aloud. Andrew’s episode of The Simpsons was quite funny. I read for Ali’s new show, which was interesting. I had to make up a whole character to be able to deliver the lines right. I also found out that the end to my Joan of Arcadia episode is apparently “chilling,” not cheesy. Yay me. Then we watched the series finale, “Chosen,” and had more free pizza. Astro lab was fine. I totally blew my independent labs, of course, but I aced the in-class lab. It was sad seeing everyone for the last time. I’m going to miss my astro shuttle-riding buddies.

Tuesday night sucked. I had two things to do: my astro homework and my English workshop portfolio. The astro homework only took until around 12:30. The portfolio took all night. I pulled my first all-nighter. Joelle was up all night, too, but she went out to work with some friends. I discovered that I write fairly good poetry around 4am. My short story revision kind of sucked, but I had such a strong idea for the story, I didn’t want to change much. Once I got past the initial exhaustion (which actually came during my astro), I was good. I drank a lot of water, ate some Ritz; it was all good. I finished just in time to get ready for class, which is disturbing. Not even an entire night was enough for me to finish my work at a normal pace.

Wednesday was my last day of class. I was behind from my all-nighter, so I had to carry out breakfast to astro lab again. My body started fighting me again, but I had to keep going. I made it through several workshop stories during my midmorning break, though I wasn’t all there. Workshop was fine. I was just glad to get that slaved-over portfolio off my hands. I made it through women’s studies lecture only because she didn’t… well, lecture as much as usual. After being up for 33 consecutive hours, I came home and crashed. I woke up at 6:40, just in time to grab dinner and eat before floor meeting. Move-out was described as “just as hectic as move-in, only no one’s excited.” Should be lovely.

I woke up fairly early yesterday, considering I didn’t have to go to class. I went to breakfast with Sara and Maura, but Maura had to go. I was waiting for a long time, but I finally got another of those awesome texas toast sandwiches like the one I had last finals week. They must only do them on weekdays, and I’m never around at the right time. Yum. I studied some. In the evening, I went with some floormates to the pool to watch the dive-in movie (oh, the pun), The Incredibles. Just seeing the movie again was worth missing the first part of ER. It was freezing out there, and I was the only one who didn’t swim (not up for half an hour of hair-drying), but I had fun. If I didn’t love Nemo so much, that would be my favorite Pixar/Disney movie.

I studied more today. I didn’t get breakfast because I was a little later than yesterday, but it was still okay. After worrying mid-semester that I’d run short, I managed to back up my diner points again. Cookies and milkshakes for Lindsay this week, yes indeed.

After struggling with some Greg-related issues, I went to see the Faux Paz’s a cappella show. It was, again, fun. They had a guest band, Somebody’s Closet. Their songs were crazy long, but it was pretty good music. The Faux Paz did a good version of “Let Go,” and a great boy band spoof as a tribute to their departing female members.

I feel compelled to study again. My lit final is at 8am Monday, and I have yet to even think about the essay questions, let alone start prepping my answers. We shall see.

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