Not Unscathed

This last week was madness, I tell you. So much so that I missed the Friday Five. But I am creature of habit.

1. What made you happy this week? Walking out of my women’s studies final, knowing it was my last exam of the semester.
2. What made you sad? Looking at the clock all day yesterday, knowing that my annotated bibliography for HH was definitely not going to be finished on time.
3. What made you angry? My lack of good choices. I’d done so many other things and wasted so much time that I didn’t get to study for my three-fer exams as much as I’d wanted to.
4. What are you looking forward to in the next week? Not having any more school assignments until August. It’s just like winter break. There is absolutely no schoolwork for me to do between now and the fall. It’s so liberating.
5. What are you not looking forward to? Job-hunting. I need to find something to do where people will pay me. I’d prefer something related to education so I can build letters for my official entry into the College of Education, but there’s time.

So, finals are over. I survived my first year of college — not unscathed, but I survived!

Sunday: I got up and went to church, then to the Diner, as usual. Then I studied like mad. I had about twelve lit books from which to draw quotes for my lit final. I realized that, if I prepped notes and chose my quotes carefully, my quotes cheat-card would help me remember my prepared answers. I spent at least six hours on the five questions, but I felt so prepared.

Monday: All my studying paid off. I was fully prepared for all three questions that showed up on the exam, with quotes to support my answers. I’d been terrified of a repeat of the midterm, but yeah, studying? It helps. The exam was at 8am, but I was curiously not tired. I came back and went to brunch with my floormates.

Tuesday’s not ringing any memory bells. I think I chose to slack, simply because I (thought I) could.

Wednesday: I went to the library for books for my annotated bibliography. They didn’t have King’s On Writing, but I’d taken notes in my little notebook, so I was fine. Yay for not having to lie. I’m proud of my integrity. I spent a lot of time finishing up my script for ARHU. I also packed up a bunch of my stuff to send home with my dad. I studied for a few hours that night, but I didn’t get to do women’s studies at all. I made bad choices about what to do and when to do it this week, and I paid for it by losing study time.

Midday Wednesday, I found out that Joan of Arcadia has officially been canceled. I was so upset. I barely had the heart to finish my script. I’m disappointed I didn’t get into the show earlier. I know there is little hope of a canceled show being resurrected. I know Family Guy returned from the dead just a few weeks ago after a four-year hiatus, but it’s animated, so there are few actors tied to it. I know many of the show’s actors, including Amber herself, seem pleased at the opportunity to pursue other work. I know I didn’t even watch the majority of the show. But I also know that I loved it. I know that, for the first time ever, I am actually considering buying tv on DVD (the first season was released just last week). I know that I’ve sent a comment to CBS and signed all the probably-worthless petitions I’ve found. I know that if I do nothing and it doesn’t come back, I’ll feel worse than I do already. I’m going to miss American Dreams, another of my shows that got canceled, but I think I’ll miss Joan more.

Thursday: Astro exam, 8am. I had a granola bar on my way to the lecture hall. I got there early. One of the guys from my lab commented on how tired I looked. I didn’t feel it, though, thank God (and I mean that literally). The exam was not fun, but doable. I had to draw a diagram of the solar system: the Sun, all nine planets with orbits (getting Neptune and Pluto to cross properly was tricky), the asteroid belt, and the Oort cloud. I left ten minutes before the end time and went to sit in front of the CSS building, listening to my CD player to study. Honors music history seminar exam, 10:30am. I think I did okay on the listening section. I blanked for a second on one, but then I (think I) got it. Our professor had doughnuts; I had one of the twisty kind. The fill-in-the-blanks were a lot easier this time. I totally forgot the names for the parts of sonata form, but I think my other essay went well. I left there early, but only because the exam was short. I went to the Diner and took notes for my women’s studies essays while I waited for my ham-and-cheese omelette. It was greasy, but yummy. I kept studying while I ate. Ali gave me a hug. Women’s studies exam, 1:30pm. When I got to Woods, half the class was sitting outside, allegedly waiting for the exam before ours to let out. Turns out the only people in the room were my other classmates. The exam wasn’t quite as bad as last time. We had double the work from the last exam, but it didn’t take twice as long, probably because we got the essay questions in advance. I left in kind of a stupor. My eyes were so bleary from three exams, but I wasn’t tired.

After dinner, I sold some books to BookHolders. By “sold,” I mean “gave to for consignment/online selling.” I don’t need cash right away, and I’d like to get as much money for them as possible (especially considering their fabulous condition), so I decided to try that route. It was a very long walk though; BookHolders is across Route 1. I stopped by the library to see if I could pick up my lit exam, but my TA wasn’t finished with them by then, so I planned to go back. The season finale of ER was nice. People hate Ray (Shane West’s character), but in that episode, he was so awesome. It’s like the redemption of Pratt (Mekhi Phifer). He went from being the angry black guy (reminds me of Buffy class….) to just the black guy, since they sent Gallant back to Iraq. As far as unexpected mass accidents go, I think the writers pulled off a collapsing porch a lot better than a helicopter crashing in the ambulance bay.

Friday: I should have gotten up early, but I felt like sleeping in after my three-fer exam day. I woke up around 10:30, showered and dressed very quickly, then packed liked mad. (I did most things “like mad” this semester.) Joelle’s mom showed up, so all three of us were packing until Joelle left for her exam. I was glad I kept so many plastic shopping bags; they came in handy. I managed to secure everything in bags and boxes, preparing to not get a cart and have to carry it all. I went all the way back out to BookHolders to sell the rest of my books, then stopped by to see my lit TA again. She wasn’t there, so I left after about fifteen minutes, as did my classmate who was there at the same time. I got back before my dad, and continued to work on my annotated bibliography. I’d emailed Tanya around 11am to let her know I’d probably be late. She never responded, so I’m not sure what happened with that. It took four or five trips up and down the stairs, but my dad and I managed to get everything out of my room and crammed into his car. I was so glad I’d thought to send stuff early. I never would have been able to take everything in one go. Never. It’s amazing how much stuff I had, even in a neat dorm room.

I got home and delayed packing while I set up my computer for Verizon (yay DSL!), then worked more on my bibliography. My family went to IHOP for dinner (more yay!), then I came back and worked a little more. I gave up, and wound up going to bed around 2:40am.

This morning, I crashed until almost 11am. I woke up, watched tv while I ate cereal (in bed, yay!), then got dressed and went back to work. I finally finished my bibliography and sent it in, then ate Cluck-U.

So now it’s almost midnight. I’m IMing Mark, and I still have to unpack. And I don’t know if my dad’s going to church; I might have to drive myself.

Andrew directed me to a free image manipulation program, the GIMP. Think PSP/Photoshop, only free. Download here. I played with a photo of myself last night. It’s not easy to learn, but it’s way better than MS Paint.

And so I depart.

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