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Mundane ESP

Friday Five:
1. What was your first job? My first “real” job was at World Gym in Largo, in Kids’ World. I watched the gym members’ kids, since they weren’t allowed on the gym floor.
2. How much did you make? $5.50/hr.
3. Describe your least favorite co-worker of all time. Someone lazy. If you’re getting paid to do something, you should do it. Period. And sometimes, consider doing things you’re not explicitly paid to do, just out of courtesy. (Say, reloading a copy machine when you use up all the paper, or something like that.)
4. What is your dream job? One where I make enough money to live comfortably and feel like I’m doing something useful. Hence (hopefully!), teaching.
5. What do you currently do and do you like it? How timely: a job question when I actually have a job. Like I said, I sort files for Long Fence and Home. (You know how all those chain-link fences have the signs that say “Long Fence”? That’s them. It took forever for me to figure out that those signs are logos, not descriptors (i.e., the fences are long), but they also do kitchens, custom windows, siding, and gutters.) It’s boring and tedious, but I need the money, and it’s not as bad as you’d think.

I have been having a really weird day for signs.

  • I imagined Matt (the guy at work) and I would eventually have the Musical Preference conversation. Today, we did.
  • At dinner tonight at IHOP, Greg mockingly used the expression “OMGWTFBBQ,” which I’d never heard before. I saw it for the first time just now in a comment in one of my LJ communities.
  • Last night, something told me to check the alarm time before I set it. It was an hour later than it was supposed to be. I definitely would have overslept. Well, it’s not so much that I checked the time (I always do that), but that I checked it while I was still in the middle of praying, which is earlier than usual.
  • I had a feeling I’d be rushing to work this morning, so I might be late. As soon as I got on Rt. 5, I hit horrible traffic. I get on at exit 7, and it was bumper-to-bumper until exit 15. I was twenty minutes late for work.
  • I had a feeling I might need my umbrella today, so I took it with me, but my OMGlate rush meant I left it in the car. It rained like mad at work, but miraculously stopped before I had to leave.
  • I’ve been taking my lunch with me to work all week. I usually listen to the radio in my car while I eat. It’s really cold in the building, so I also get a chance to warm up a little. Today, I decided to go out and buy lunch. When I got there, I found out the accountant (who’s temporarily in charge of the company) was treating us all to barbecue for lunch.

Full-time work sucks. I get home and settled around 6pm. Then, I’m so hungry I have to eat as soon as possible. I check my email, blog-hop a bit, and watch some tv. By 10pm, I’m dead tired and I have to get ready for bed. I don’t understand it. School never made me this tired, and then I had to think during the day (filing doesn’t require much thought, really) and work more at night when I got home. I told my mom about this, and she said, “See, and you were complaining about how you couldn’t wait until you got out of school.” I (correctly) said, “I never said that!” “Or how you just wanted to be eighteen.” “I never said that either!” I hate it when she does that. You’d think nearly nineteen years would convince the woman that I am permanently atypical.

So. I’m very tired now, and Mom’s watching tv in the living room, keeping me from Degrassi and Instant Star (which I watched for the first time last week — not bad, but not great). Back to that DracoTrilogyHeirOfHufflepuff!Ginny icon I’ve been working on.

OMGliek Harry Potter r0X0rs!!!!!!!!!!!111!!1

Friday Five:
You’re stranded on a deserted island. Somehow, magically, you knew to bring the following five things to make being stranded somehow bearable.
1. What form of entertainment would bring with you (eg: a certain book or a badminton set)?
Well, since I have such amazing foresight, I would bring all my Harry Potter books and the Bible.
2. What tools would you bring with you? A shovel? Maybe a knife of some kind? It’s a deserted island, so I’m probably going to die soon, anyway, without any company or food I like.
3. Who would you bring with you? Am I that smart? Huh. I don’t know. There are good things and not-so-great things about all my friends. About everyone on Earth, really.
4. Name one grab bag item you would have with you (anything you want). Lotion. I’ve been hooked on St. Ives lotions (specifically the Vitamin E one) for years. If I have to be on a deserted island, at least I can have moisturized skin.
5. Name one thing you simply couldn’t live without on the island. Water. I know, that’s practical and boring, but I really do like water.

I started HBP Friday night (remember the definition of the Lindsay Day), then gave up at 3am because my eyes were too tired to concentrate. I read most of it on Saturday, after I did my laundry and got dressed and all, because while I love Harry Potter, I also have to live the rest of my life. I finished it on Sunday evening.

Oh, my.

That was wonderful. I closed the book, and just whispered, “Wow.” I won’t fully be able to judge it until I read it again, and I don’t think that’ll be for a while. That said, HBP is a definite candidate for my new favorite book. I don’t know how people that don’t have it yet (or haven’t finished reading) can stand it! I’ve been all around LJ communities and the Internet at large, sharing this latest burst of HP love. I posted on the Good Ship again, which was nice. I wrote a very long post of all my post-HBP thoughts, which is friends-locked in my LJ, and a separate one for my shippy thoughts (though I didn’t really let my Trees flag fly like I could have). If you don’t belong to LJ (though you don’t need a code now, and you can have a mainly-comments journal, like I do) and want to read them, let me know. I also joined Harry Potter for Grownups, another Yahoo!Group, because I needed better conversation than twelve-year-olds in my current mailing list. HPfGU is a really high-volume list, but I love that the posts are so intelligent. I’ve missed good HP talk.

I heard that some copies of HBP were accidentally printed without the first chapter! I guess when you make ten million books, there have to be some mistakes. Still, I think my “mistake” was way more important. I was lost in reading when I noticed a shadow near the bottom of my book. I turned the page and found a BUG SMASHED onto page 450! I was horrified. I used the tissue I conveniently already had to wipe it off, but that was gross. So yucky.

Another HP factoid, courtesy of the Times Online (London):

In a recent attempt by a team of mathematicians in Istanbul to work out how much J. K. Rowling had earned in Turkish lire (at 2,318.9 to the £), the university computer blew out all windows within a diameter of 300 metres.

Okay, no more HP talk… for now. How awesome is this Jeopardy! clue: When it was launched in 1998, it was just a noun; now it’s a verb meaning to look somebody up online. Yay for the flexibility of language.

Oh my gosh: Zsenya of the SugarQuill (home of R/Hr shippers) works at UMD! I knew she lived in Maryland, but that is just so cool. Okay, no more HP for this entry, I promise.

It’s been a more interesting week than usual. I went back to OfficeTeam on Tuesday, to take that second ID, and also to take the PowerPoint certification test. I passed with 952 points. I only needed 840 to pass, so that made my day quite nice. It felt good to have made the trip worthwhile, especially after the sweltering ride up to Greenbelt that afternoon.

The next day, Dian (the woman I interviewed with at OfficeTeam) called to offer me a job. Imagine my surprise. Unfortunately, they were looking for someone that knew how to use Adobe Pagemaker and some other programs I’ve only barely heard of, so I had to turn it down. Yesterday, though, she called to offer me a job I could take! It was right in the middle of my lunch and Star Trek, but when opportunity knocks, you can’t just tell it to come back later.

So I went to bed early last night, slept terribly, and got up at the crack of dawn (okay, 6am) for my new temporary job. I was in a rush, so I had to leave my bed unmade. Dian stressed, though, that the person I replaced was fired for being consistently late, so I was determined to be on time — early, if possible. Anyway, the job is with Long Fence in Beltsville, the opposite direction on Route 1 from UMD. Basically, they’re transferring old files to computer. I sift through the paperwork to find the most important stuff, then scan it into PDF. It’s boring, but it’s easy, and I couldn’t really afford to pass it up for a more interesting job. The people there seemed really nice. Matt, the guy who showed me how to do the files, looked like a college student, possibly at UMD. He was dressed like your basic campus guy, anyway, right down to the fad bracelet (I couldn’t tell what his cause was). I was overdressed, but that’s easily rectified, and I wasn’t uncomfortable besides.

I got stuck in rush hour traffic on the way home. I make it a point to let people in when I happen to be driving in the right lane (I usually stay in the right-center lane), but I started losing my patience when I got to the Route 5 exit. It gets really backed up there during rush hour. When I drove with my mom to UMD for the first time, on the way back she told me, “If you get close to your exit and see a big line, that’s your line.” The nicer people ride in the right lane for a while, then start lining up on the shoulder as the line gets too long for the actual exit lane. The not-as-nice people try to zoom up, then jump in later. So, not only did a car jump in front of me, but so did a truck. A TRUCK. I was already tired and rapidly overheating (me, not the car), and I’d already let several people in. I quickly hit the brakes and thought, “Lord, I can only take so much.” I’m content with my patience, but really. I’m only human.

(And the answer to that Jeopardy! clue was, “What is Google?”)

The Half-Blood Prince is Trevor coming out tonight!

I smiled just now, as I started this entry, because I logged in with my HP-related password. As most of the country knows by now, tomorrow is HBP Day. In my universe, HBP Day is today, because the day doesn’t end until I go to bed. I’m going with Greg to Borders in Waldorf to claim my copy. Sarah has hardcore plans to stay up all night reading hers. I’m not quite that obsessed (though not far from it). I spent three straight days reading OotP, stopping only to eat, shower, and sleep. It was lovely. I imagine I’ll be so wired I’ll stay up later than usual, but I plan to sleep at some point.

I applied online with OfficeTeam, but when I finally remembered to call this week, I found out they didn’t get my application. Maybe this is a sign that I should stop submitting online. … But it’s so easy! I applied to UMD online. Note to self: Double-check Bank of America application next week. Anyway, I went to their Greenbelt office on Wednesday to interview and test. The tests took forever, but I did well. I type at 64 words per minute (quite fast), and I scored high enough on PowerPoint to take the certification exam thingie. I was kind of tired and nervous during my interview, but the lady was “impressed” with my skills, despite my lack of much real work experience. Yay for checks and balances. I think I’ll end up back there on Tuesday (maybe Monday). First, the receptionist wouldn’t accept my military dependent ID, though it totally counts. I was too dejected/nervous/sleepy/forgetful (I have the emotional range of at least a serving spoon) to argue it to her before I left, so apparently I have to bring my birth certificate or social security card to let her copy it. I think what I’ll do is make an appointment for the PP certification test (the credential couldn’t hurt), and take my second form of ID with me, making the trip more worthwhile. I’ll also be able to check for any openings. If I could work for just the few weeks until school starts, that’d be great, but if I can’t, I think I’m okay with that. Either way, I’ve decided to try to find work during the semester. After quitting my job sophomore year because it interfered with school, I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle a job now, but it’s worth a try (oh, the bad pun).

There’s a spider-looking bug crawling up my window screen and it’s FREAKING ME OUT.

I’ve been bouncing around LiveJournal a lot lately. I have people and a bunch of communities in my friends list, which is the best idea ever. I’ve also been at icon communities looking for tools, screencaps, and inspiration. I’m not so much “improving” as “finding new ways to be a beginner”.

For anyone who missed it:

The Friday Five is late. I have printed the New York Times‘s HP crossword puzzle, but have yet to do it. Also, I might have to cook “dinner” (because I can only really make pasta and breakfast food — not in the same meal!). So, Happy Half Blood Prince to you all. Here’s to discussion, fic, and fanart fodder for the next two years.

This is a placeholder.

That last entry embarrasses me because it’s so whiny and, dare I say it, emo.

So I’m replacing it with this until I blog again, just to get that off the index page.

Go become one too!

Wandering Around Without Purpose

Friday Five: Money
1. How much money is in your wallet right now? Pragmatically, $3. I have my emergency cash, but I don’t spend that because, obviously, it’s for emergencies. I’m not making any money, and it’s not like I have anywhere to spend money anyway, so I haven’t needed to get more cash.
2. How much money would you need in the bank to feel secure? Rich? Security would take quite a lot of money, but only because of school. I’d have to be able to pay off my school loans and still have enough for the rest of college and related expenses. I’d also need enough to keep living the way I do. I don’t spend much money, but I like being able to buy things when I want them.
3. If someone gave you $100, no strings attached, what would you do with it? Put it in the bank with the rest of my past-jobs-and-graduation-gifts stockpile. If it was cash, I’d tuck it away to spend in lieu of withdrawing from my account.
4. If someone gave you $1 Million, no strings attached, what would you do with it? Also put it in the bank, but not to spend — to pay for school. Paying for school has been on my mind a lot lately.
5. How much does something have to cost before it starts counting as “real” money, as a purchase to be considered and evaluated, but below which you’ll buy without really thinking about it? Honestly, between $15-20. That’s somewhere just above CDs and below DVDs. Clothes don’t count. I don’t buy a lot of clothes at all, so all clothes get considered. I’m cheap, and I’m not working, so that’s actually an asset right now.

I have not been in a good mood lately. I feel like I’ve lost purpose. Who’d hire me for seven weeks? I truly think I’d feel better if I had to go to school on Monday. At least I’d have a reason to get out of bed.

I’ve fallen again into that horrible place where I feel sorry for myself. I have no reason to feel sorry for myself. I don’t have to get up early and work all day, though I would. I have time to do things I had to put off all semester, but they’re not making me happy. HBP comes out in a week, and not even that is helping.

I don’t have anything from the past week to recount. If I keep writing, I’ll only feel sorrier for myself, and that’s unacceptable.

And please, don’t feel sorry for me. I’ll get over it. I always do.

Trying to Get Unbored

Friday Five
1. Photo albums or picture frames? Albums. I have a few framed pictures, but sometimes I get this weird sense that they’re watching me. I once had to deal with that for a month. That look on Calendar!Chakotay’s face was suspicious!
2. Digital camera, disposable, or point-and-click? I rarely take pictures, so I usually go with disposable. If I took more pictures, I’d probably go for digital. (Corollary: If I had a digital camera, I’d probably take more pictures.) You can check out pictures right after you take them — always a plus.
3. What facial expression (of yours) is usually captured in pictures? It’s embarrassing, but my left eye doesn’t open as much as my right (by just a little), so in pictures, I flinch and the difference is terribly obvious. (I was going to say “Smile?”, but who am I kidding?)
4. What’s your favorite picture and why? After I went to see The Incredibles with my floormates, Scott took random pictures in the hallway. I had a flower in my hair, and he took one of that. I usually hate my profile, but that picture looked really good.
5. Do you take the picture after you say “1, 2, 3”, or after you say “2” and right when you say “3”, or do you use another method or not count? See above re: not taking pictures. But when I do, I push the button right after “3” (i.e. on “4”).

Earlier this evening, I came into my room and was hit by the sudden need to write.

I came back here to look up something. I’d heard this odd crackling sound while I was in the living room, but I couldn’t identify it, so I just kept reading. When I came in, the crackling got louder. I looked out the window and saw fire in my neighbor’s backyard. It’s so orange, a different color than any fire I’ve ever seen in person. The fire is crackling. All I can think about is whether that fire should be there, whether it’s allowed. I see it behind the low-hanging branch of a tree. What if it gets loose? The neighborhood is full of trees; it would spread quickly. I see men on the edges of the yard, near the fence that separates my yard from the edge of the nuns’ yard. They’re measuring a piece of wood, apparently unconcerned. Maybe the fire is supposed to be good. But it makes me uneasy. That orange color suggests an intensity beyond what man can control.

It’s smaller now, almost hidden from my view over the steep hill. The air above the ocassional lick of orange flame is wavering, like the heat over a grill. But they can’t be grilling their yard. I can barely see it, but it’s still there. I’ll be waiting for the knock at my door. I know where the panic button is.

No one knocked, and my house isn’t smoldering. That was weird to see so randomly. Also, that sounds rather poetic. Maybe that’s what my workshop TA was going for with our prose poem/flash fiction assignment.

The voices of Tigger and Piglet died within a day of each other. That’s sad. I haven’t watched anything Pooh in years, but Tigger isn’t the same without the lisp. That was an unmentioned Wonderful Thing About Tigger. </oddrandomcutesiness>

I was watching Degrassi and saw a new commercial for M&M’s. They were all swirly and psychedelic, with Iron and Wine’s “Such Great Heights” in the background. That song makes me think Garden State, not M&M’s, but I already buy them, so no harm done. I have a mini sing-along every time I see it.

I’ve been making icons with The GIMP. I’ve done two so far, but I think they’re nice, especially for a beginner. Yay for not using MSPaint!

My family went on vacation again this week. I was awake when they left; I was lonely almost immediately. I didn’t want to go. I don’t really like the beach. I don’t eat seafood, so crabbing is out. I decided to stay home with DSL, cable, and a/c (even if it is too high). Still, I couldn’t help but want more company than Jazzie, our bird.

This IM conversation pretty much sums up everything else I have to say this week. (SN has been changed.)

Twin1: ugh im so bored
Twin1: this is so sad
Twin1: im at the beach!
Twin1: i think ima go try & find something 2 do
Twin1: i cant wait till i have 2 go back 2 school
Me: me too!
Twin1: wow i never thoughtg id say that
Twin1: lol
Me: it was so much more interesting there!
Twin1: but i guess thats a good thing
Twin1: oh ya
Twin1: mayn i miss bein around pples
Twin1: i feel so lonley here
Twin1: ::sigh::
Twin1: lol
Me: i know what you mean.
Twin1: i got so used 2 just callin pple up bein like, im comin over now!
Twin1: lol
Twin1: ook ya i think ima go for a walk or somethin
Twin1: ill ttyl
Twin1: !
Twin1: good luck gettin unbored
Twin1: lol

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