Trying to Get Unbored

Friday Five
1. Photo albums or picture frames? Albums. I have a few framed pictures, but sometimes I get this weird sense that they’re watching me. I once had to deal with that for a month. That look on Calendar!Chakotay’s face was suspicious!
2. Digital camera, disposable, or point-and-click? I rarely take pictures, so I usually go with disposable. If I took more pictures, I’d probably go for digital. (Corollary: If I had a digital camera, I’d probably take more pictures.) You can check out pictures right after you take them — always a plus.
3. What facial expression (of yours) is usually captured in pictures? It’s embarrassing, but my left eye doesn’t open as much as my right (by just a little), so in pictures, I flinch and the difference is terribly obvious. (I was going to say “Smile?”, but who am I kidding?)
4. What’s your favorite picture and why? After I went to see The Incredibles with my floormates, Scott took random pictures in the hallway. I had a flower in my hair, and he took one of that. I usually hate my profile, but that picture looked really good.
5. Do you take the picture after you say “1, 2, 3”, or after you say “2” and right when you say “3”, or do you use another method or not count? See above re: not taking pictures. But when I do, I push the button right after “3” (i.e. on “4”).

Earlier this evening, I came into my room and was hit by the sudden need to write.

I came back here to look up something. I’d heard this odd crackling sound while I was in the living room, but I couldn’t identify it, so I just kept reading. When I came in, the crackling got louder. I looked out the window and saw fire in my neighbor’s backyard. It’s so orange, a different color than any fire I’ve ever seen in person. The fire is crackling. All I can think about is whether that fire should be there, whether it’s allowed. I see it behind the low-hanging branch of a tree. What if it gets loose? The neighborhood is full of trees; it would spread quickly. I see men on the edges of the yard, near the fence that separates my yard from the edge of the nuns’ yard. They’re measuring a piece of wood, apparently unconcerned. Maybe the fire is supposed to be good. But it makes me uneasy. That orange color suggests an intensity beyond what man can control.

It’s smaller now, almost hidden from my view over the steep hill. The air above the ocassional lick of orange flame is wavering, like the heat over a grill. But they can’t be grilling their yard. I can barely see it, but it’s still there. I’ll be waiting for the knock at my door. I know where the panic button is.

No one knocked, and my house isn’t smoldering. That was weird to see so randomly. Also, that sounds rather poetic. Maybe that’s what my workshop TA was going for with our prose poem/flash fiction assignment.

The voices of Tigger and Piglet died within a day of each other. That’s sad. I haven’t watched anything Pooh in years, but Tigger isn’t the same without the lisp. That was an unmentioned Wonderful Thing About Tigger. </oddrandomcutesiness>

I was watching Degrassi and saw a new commercial for M&M’s. They were all swirly and psychedelic, with Iron and Wine’s “Such Great Heights” in the background. That song makes me think Garden State, not M&M’s, but I already buy them, so no harm done. I have a mini sing-along every time I see it.

I’ve been making icons with The GIMP. I’ve done two so far, but I think they’re nice, especially for a beginner. Yay for not using MSPaint!

My family went on vacation again this week. I was awake when they left; I was lonely almost immediately. I didn’t want to go. I don’t really like the beach. I don’t eat seafood, so crabbing is out. I decided to stay home with DSL, cable, and a/c (even if it is too high). Still, I couldn’t help but want more company than Jazzie, our bird.

This IM conversation pretty much sums up everything else I have to say this week. (SN has been changed.)

Twin1: ugh im so bored
Twin1: this is so sad
Twin1: im at the beach!
Twin1: i think ima go try & find something 2 do
Twin1: i cant wait till i have 2 go back 2 school
Me: me too!
Twin1: wow i never thoughtg id say that
Twin1: lol
Me: it was so much more interesting there!
Twin1: but i guess thats a good thing
Twin1: oh ya
Twin1: mayn i miss bein around pples
Twin1: i feel so lonley here
Twin1: ::sigh::
Twin1: lol
Me: i know what you mean.
Twin1: i got so used 2 just callin pple up bein like, im comin over now!
Twin1: lol
Twin1: ook ya i think ima go for a walk or somethin
Twin1: ill ttyl
Twin1: !
Twin1: good luck gettin unbored
Twin1: lol

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