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Friday Five:
1. If you could invite five people to dinner from history, living or dead, who would they be? Jesus, Lewis Carroll, Ghandi, Lucille Ball, and my grandma (a few years ago so counts as history).
2. Why have you chosen these five individuals? Jesus because he’s the Son of God. I might be too much in shock to speak to Him, but it’d be so amazing to have him there, and this is fantasy, anyway. Lewis Carroll because Alice in Wonderland is my favorite book, and I don’t have a favorite author. Ghandi because we all strive to live for peace. At least I do. Lucy because she’s funny, and I can’t have a dinner full of just serious people. My grandma because I miss her.
3. What would you serve for dinner? Food I like, obviously. Probably pasta.
4. What would you like to ask them? I’d like to ask Lewis Carroll how he imagined such a vivid fantasy world.
5. Do you think everybody seated at the table would get along? Why or why not? I hope so. I don’t think Ghandi was Christian, but none of those people (to my knowledge) are anti-Christian, so Jesus should feel welcome.

On Monday, I met Darcy at work. She’d been on a mission trip in the Bahamas, but now she’s back. I was freaking out for a little while. See, I was worried that my boss wouldn’t need me anymore, or that OfficeTeam wouldn’t want me to stay…. I don’t remember exactly, but I was panicking. Eventually I calmed down. Ridgeway (my boss — that’s his first name) wouldn’t have told me I could stay on if he didn’t mean it, and he had to know Darcy would be coming back. Also, I got Quizno’s for lunch since I’d pleasantly missed the lunch I meant to treat myself to last Friday.

The rest of this week at work was uneventful. With three people, we got through more files than usual. Darcy likes to scan, so I left that to her and Matt. I don’t mind just sorting. Even though my makeshift workstation puts me rather in the way, I’d get lonely sorting in the meeting room. There’s more space there, but hours of silence would drive me up the wall. I ate lunch in the break room this week. Not as warm as being outside, but Darcy gets cold, too, so I chat with her a little. She’s nice, and (bonus!) a Harry Potter fan.

I didn’t go to work today. Courtney had an orthodontist appointment, and my dad took off to take her last week, so it was easiest for me to do it. I don’t mind ferrying the rugrats around. My parents still pay for my insurance, and it’s more important that they work than that I do. As I suspected, Courtney is not the best directions-giver. You can’t tell the driver to turn as you pass the entrance. She’s never driven, so she doesn’t really understand, but still. Don’t say you know how to get there if you don’t.

Her appointment was at 1:00, but that’s right everyone in the office takes their lunch break, so we were left standing in the hall with two other patients for a good fifteen minutes. Note to the people in that office: If you won’t be back before the appointment time, don’t make appointments until a time when you will be back. Some of your patients will be very early, and you know you’ll charge people who are late for their appointments, so you’re not allowed to be late either. While I was reading in the waiting room, waiting for Courtney, my phone rang. My reception was bad, so I went back outside to call my dad back, only getting him on the second try. I went back inside with this weird feeling that, having sat there for a good twenty minutes, she’d probably only finish as soon as I left. The other waiting patients looked at me when I came back in, and the orthodontist had indeed been looking for me. Just like orientation last June; I can’t be called until I’m not around to call. The hygienist (I assume) showed me how to work the key-thingie for her spacer-thingie (I never had braces), and then I deposited my OfficeTeam paychecks. Yay for finally having some money!

Boo for finally having a bill to pay! Seeing my school bill will never fail to lower my mood. It falls even more when I don’t yet have the money to pay for it all. I was on hold with Bank of America for about twenty minutes this afternoon, wondering why they hadn’t sent me anything about my loan disbursement. According to the woman I talked to, BOA called several times but didn’t get an answer. Have they never heard of voicemail? It comes on automatically, people. If I don’t respond to your message, it’s my fault. If you don’t leave one, then wonder why you haven’t heard from me, that’s just dumb. Ryan knows how to leave a voicemail. When I applied, I listed my mom’s employer as NIH, because it is. Her paystub and W-2, though, show the Department of Health and Human Services. Anyone can pick up a phone or send a letter and find that NIH is (obviously) a division of HHS. Did they do that? No. And because of these simple things, I might not have the money I need for school in time. Stupid lowest interest rate. They cared enough to get my mom’s driver’s license number, but they can’t leave a message? And I’m going to owe these people money for the next (roughly) 25 years? I can create things to worry about on my own, thanks.

I glossed over it last week, but I had dinner at IHOP with Greg last Friday. I didn’t want to go, for many reasons, but I gave in eventually. As I expected, he still finds my Catholicism personally offensive. I have no problem with his not being Catholic. My problem is that he has a problem with my being Catholic. I’m not proselytizing at all. If I disapprove of his actions or choices, it’s based in opinions I had even before I went back to Church. I hit my limit when he tried to steal my eggs while I prayed before eating. I can think of few things so completely disrespectful. The conversation continued to attacking me and the Church, including Greg’s favorite barb, the Crusades, and abortion. I imagine we’ve discussed that before, but he didn’t basically hate me then. We argued all the way to the parking lot, where I finally gave up and got into my car. He jumped into his and sped away much too fast — in the wrong direction. I calmly started my car and pulled away. When I got home, he’d left two messages related to not knowing the way back to campus. He shouldn’t have been arguing if he needed directions, and he knows I don’t answer my phone while I’m driving. The evening proved, once again, that we can no longer be in each other’s company without fighting. It’s sad, but I can’t say I didn’t expect it. I didn’t want it, but I’m not surprised.

I read a lot about Catholicism now. I missed out on years of catechism, so I have a lot to learn. I’ve been doing the USCCB readings every day, along with the Word Among Us meditation. I read a few Catholic blogs, and I got C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity with HBP, but have yet to read it. One blog linked to an entry on so-called Neocatholics. It’s so insulting. Is there something wrong with accepting that maybe a Church with 2000 years of history — and leaders with more wisdom than I have in my measly (almost) nineteen years — is right? Is there something wrong with doing what I’m told? I’m not blindly faithful. I’m just not incendiary. Once I understand what Catholicism is, then I can question it.

On a lighter note, I was feeling really lonely a few weeks ago, but work has cured that very nicely. I’m an introvert, but dorm life made me like being around people a lot more. I’m still perfectly happy spending hours in front of my computer, but I also like to be around friends. People are good. Thanks, you guys.

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