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This week, I kept notes to aid in my blogging. Usually I just sit around and try to remember what I meant to post about, and that’s (part of) why I sound so rambly all the time. Wednesday’s entry was the most focused I’ve been in possibly months. Unfortunately, it also inspired Greg to repeat the hurtful and spiteful things he’s said about me before. He always kept it to his LJ, though. That’s his space, and he can say what he wants there. But in my space, I will do what’s necessary to guard my privacy and the dignity of my blog. (If you’d like to read those last few comments or that entry, it’s been archived.)

As there is no Friday Five this week, on to what I reminded myself via virtual Post-It (scroll down for the free version) to mention.

Did you know that gif (the image file format) is pronounced “jif”, like the peanut butter brand? I was stunned. I’ve been saying (well, mostly thinking in my mind) it with a hard “g” for years! Also, png is not “pee en gee”, but “ping”. Seriously, after “Hermione”, I didn’t think I could take anymore accidental-habitual mispronunciations. I’ve been calling Viktor by his first name since I realized I have no idea how to say “Krum”. Is it like a small piece of bread, or something that sounds more ethnic? On a barely related note, this week’s Wednesday Smallville rerun was the one with Mxyzptlk (so copy-pasted that one — but I can say it right!), played by Trent Ford, who dropped his British accent for Eastern European. I’ve seen that episode before, but I only recognized Trent this week.

Driving home Monday evening in that killer storm was not fun. I’ve never needed to use my wipers at full speed before. It was so weird to be plodding along in rush hour traffic at 30mph in rain like circus animals. I’d left my umbrella in my car, but it didn’t really start raining until I got into Bowie. Thank you, raindrops, for not falling until I got to my car.

I’ve been cleaning and scanning my computer every Monday for months. I call it Computer Cleaning Day: daily virus protection update, hard drive scan, clear cookies, clear cache, Spybot, and Ad-Aware. This week, for the first time ever, both my spyware scans came up completely negative. I was so proud.

On Tuesday, my dad made chocolate-chip muffins. They are so good. I don’t even eat normal muffins, and I wouldn’t eat those for breakfast, so they’re just a really yummy spongy dessert. He brought me one in my room, which was very nice. My response? “Muffins, yay! You get, like, awesome points or something.” Note to self: Come up with better ways to comment parents and say less awkwardly. Avoid becoming first member of insane family to actually go insane.

Wednesday was Darcy’s last day at Long Fence. She talked me into going to Wendy’s for lunch. (I try to avoid going out for lunch to save the money I’ve managed to earn.) She tried to avoid my auto-shoulder belt thingies, but just got tangled in the process. I may have cracked my front right headlight trying to get back to work. Difficult turn, bad timing. I didn’t notice the crack until I got home and went to check my oil. I almost never see the front of my car, so had my oil warning not beeped for ten minutes straight on the way home, I might not have noticed the light at all. My mom poked it, testing to see if it was just a crack or totally broken. It caved in and she cut her finger really badly, making me feel absolutely horrible. I confessed to the Wendy’s turn, though I don’t remember hearing a collision. She doesn’t think it happened then because there was water inside the glass, presumably rain from Monday’s storm. But when I poked the clear packing tape that’s temporary covering the break, there was definitely moisture in there, so I probably did it. There’s the second stupid damage I’ve done to my car, though way less devastating than the first. Poor Mindy; she’s been through a lot.

The strange-yet-boring premonitions continue. Coming home yesterday, I had the strangest feeling that I’d need to honk at someone. The opportunity came almost immediately after I thought about it, but I just braked hard and went on about my driving. I’m not an angry person. I don’t think I’ve ever actually used my car horn. Ever. For all I know, it doesn’t work. That could be dangerous. Additional note to self: Test car horn, preferably inconspicuously.

I try to keep controversy out of my blog. I’m bad at forming my own opinions about things. My passions are few, but strong. Yesterday while blog-hopping, I found something shocking that I hope makes national news. A branch of Planned Parenthood in San Francisco briefly linked to a cartoon on its site called “A Superhero for Choice”. In the screenshots I saw, the hero drowns an abstinence educator in a garbage can full of “Astro Slide”, traps nonviolent pro-life protesters outside an abortion clinic in condoms before blowing them up, and decapitates another protester with the same condom gun. The message I get from that is, “You can choose what you want, but if it’s not the choice we want you to make, you can ‘just […] disappear.'” I don’t support abortion clinic violence at all — from either side, and especially not in a cartoon, a format largely associated with children. It’s hypocritical for them to condemn violent anti-abortion protesters, but to make a cartoon depicting violence against them, then try to quietly hide it by removing the link. Read more from Dawn Eden (also see the more recent entries), see a response cartoon at Faith Mouse, and read the U.S. Newswire story. (The last link is neither pro-choice nor pro-life, if you’d prefer something nonpartisan.)

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