They’re Animany, Totally Insaney…

Anyone else have a secret love for Animaniacs? I think Ryan has a video upstairs of old episodes. A few weeks ago, some people on HP4GU (the “Harry Potter for Grown-ups” mailing list) were discussing the “Schnitzelbank” song. It’s a German children’s/drinking song of dubious origin, hence the dual usage. Anyway, it’s all about rhyming and pretending you can speak German. It popped into my head tonight after I came across “schadenfreude” in the book I’m reading (a term which was also in the Simpsons quote Happy Catholic had up yesterday). So I consulted with Lord Google and YouTube came through yet again! Oh, du schöne, oh, du schöne, oh, du schöne, schnitzelbank!

Also, the Catholic Carnival for this week is at Kicking Over My Traces. Nothing particularly great this time. This suggests that I should consider writing something to include one of these weeks. I’ll add it to the General Round Tuit list.

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