When Good Organization Goes Bad

You all know how addicted I am to organization. If you have to have an addiction, that is among the best. When I was working on this site, I had lots of related bits and pieces that I needed to remember to add or post. I just now found parts of an entry I meant to put up about a week ago. So I’m going to post it now.

In reading HP4GU, a very prolific poster, Astarte, mentioned a theory that’s come up before. I always chalked CapsLock!Harry up to being a fifteen-year-old boy. Having never been one, that’s almost entirely conjecture, but it was good enough for me. As Astarte said, someone on the list suggested his irrationality might have been due to Voldemort’s infringing on his mind throughout the book. It also explains why he suddenly got his grip on reality back in HBP without much transition. That makes perfect sense. Darnit, I need to start on my reread soon before school starts strangling me again.

At BustedHalo this week [edit: last week] is an interview with Cathleen Falsani, a Chicago Sun Times religion columnist. She recently wrote a book full of interviews with celebrities about faith and religion, the culmination of her reporter’s work that earned her the nickname “God Girl.” BustedHalo did an interview worth reading. The point of her book, as she explained, is to show that celebrities, like ordinary people, have their own relationships and struggles with God. What’s more, all of them have dealt with the God question at some point in their lives. It’s a new take on the fact that celebrities are just famous regular people.

You know you have close friends when two of them start IM conversations with cryptic queries. Maura said, “There are string babies,” meaning two string quartet members have new babies. (I was thinking very small instruments or babies playing normal-sized ones.) And Kat said, “I took my boards today,” meaning her nursing exams. That one just took a second of thought.

I just remembered [edit: last week] that I never told you all when you could read my Keystone project. I was concerned about publishing rights if I put it online, and then I’d have to code the whole thing. I have a problem with overuse of italics (and the words “so” and “just”), so that would be a task. But no more of that. I’ve sent it out to several people whom I knew would be interested, but if you didn’t get it, just let me know.

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Haha, I’m just as addicted to organization – I just wrote an entry about that! lol

Place looks great! And you have a feed! YES! hehe

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