Monthly Archives: November, 2006

Working on Commission

Long time no blog, I know. It’s been a rough semester. I have plans for catching up, and one of these days, I will execute them. For now, I’m just going to jump right back in.

(N.B. I’m taking advantage of the <!--more--> feature of WordPress. You have to click the “keep reading” link to see the whole entry. And you thought I’d become more concise.)

As I caught up on some Boundless articles, I came across “Taking Love Next Door,” by David Barshinger. It’s an article about evangelism. I’ve become a very religious person over time. I never thought I’d be the churchgoing, grace-saying, “praise God!” type, but here I am.

So that comes to two topics: what kind of Catholic I am, and what kind of evangelism I do. This article warrants a new discussion of both.
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