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Fr. Bill suggested that I continue my example of strong faith for my siblings while I’m at home. I’m not quite a daily communicant, since even on campus, I can never manage Saturday morning Mass, but he says I am. The problem is that my family doesn’t see that. My mom and my grandma know I’m into church, but Courtney and Ryan don’t really know that side of me. So I decided to take some more concrete steps. I decided to turn my thoughts into action. I’ve been praying and dropping hints for a while, but I need to act.

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Single and Almost Holy

I’m catching up now on Rocco Palmo’s Almost Holy column on BustedHalo. I’m still not interested in his regular blog; I can barely keep up with the information I have coming in now. Some of his columns, though, are so intriguing.

For example, instead of whining about not having a girlfriend, he mused on the great examples of faith, love, and sacrifice he sees in his own life. I can understand that. Having been single for two years now, I do sometimes wonder. I should be discerning a call to something, right? Whatever my relationship vocation is, I should be figuring that out now, and if it’s marriage, this is the perfect time to start. Then again, having this time to myself has been a blessing. I’m amazed all my friends put up with me during my histrionics and constant stress last semester. I don’t think a guy who was more than a friend would have made it. I’m young; I’ve got time.

Saving Humanity

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“Thank you for scoring highly on this quiz, there is sweet hope for the future. If you did not score high, please join the Volunteer for Human Extinction Movement.”

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Christmas, Actually

This semester sucked. It was so bad, I couldn’t even blog. This ensures that I won’t remember a lot about this semester; I already don’t.

Post-semester time, however, is quite lovely. SpikeTV bought the rights to Star Trek: Voyager earlier this year to air beginning in 2007. It must be close enough, because they had a marathon last week. The first episode of Voyager I’ve seen in four years was that great two-parter where the Alien Race of the Week (the Hirogen) took over the ship and forced the whole crew to fight an unsafe holodeck version of WWII. I was elated. Then Andrew watched Joan of Arcadia with me while he killed time before heading out for the break.

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