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You are a 100% traditional Catholic!


Congratulations! You are more knowlegeable than most modern theologians! You have achieved mastery over the most important doctrines of the Catholic Faith! You should share your incredible understanding with others!

Do You Know Your Baltimore Catechism?
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Thank you for taking this quiz on the Baltimore Catechism. If you scored high, congratualtions, “go and make disciples of all nations”. If not, go to EWTN, and study some more, then re-take this quiz and see how much you’ve learned!

I’ve only ever glanced at the Baltimore Catechism online, actually. I think of it when I get to talking with Lucille about childhood faith formation. She was shortchanged by only knowing the Baltimore Catechism side of the Church, the “here’s the questions and answers; memorize them and you’re good” side. I pray that she’ll get to really know the Church, and thereby come to love it as much as I do, and more.

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