Smart Is Sexy

…but smart students don’t have sex. My friend Guy IMed me a link to a science blog post about an interesting study. It’s late and I read it pretty quickly, but the gist of it is that students with better grades, more education, and higher IQs don’t have sex as much or early as others. The statistics actually work out to a sort of bell curve, because the same is true for the worst-performing students. They finally do get around to mentioning religious correlations, though their conclusion in that smarter people are less religious. How unfortunate.

Once I got through it all, I had to tell Guy what I thought about it.

Me: hmm. interesting report. so i’m either really smart, really dumb, or really religious and therefore dumb.
Guy: see, i took the point that chastity is a peer-reviewed good idea
Me: chastity and virginity are related but not the same.
Guy: i know
Guy: also, not majoring in Studio Arts lol
Me: yeah.
Guy: also, according to that report, being dumb is a bigger hurdle to getting laid (for girls) than being too smart
Guy: so down the road, you shouldn’t do too badly (if you decide to start a family/whatever)

We had a Holy Hour for vocations at the CSC tonight, coincidentally. Father Bill’s mini-homily during Vespers was actually kind of nice. The guys really do get courted. The bishop never comes to see the girls. I’m not suggesting that women should become priests (in fact, I strongly believe they shouldn’t), but we could use some attention, too. In some ways, discerning a religious vocation as a woman might even be harder.

At least I’m apparently smart enough to take the time to discern properly.

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