Almost Incredible

I have long maintained that the U.S. is experiencing a conservative sociopolitical swing. The Reagan & Bush the Elder era of the 1980’s was fairly conservative. Then came President Clinton and the “do what you want” attitude of the 90’s, especially concerning science and sex. Then, after the fiasco that was the 2000 election, came clearly Christian Bush the Younger, the stem cell debate, and a renewed uproar over Roe v. Wade (or maybe that was just when I became aware of Roe…probably the latter).

When the Carhart v. Gonzales decision came down making partial-birth (IDC) abortion illegal, I was shocked and absolutely delighted. It turns out that the government can tell you what to do with your body–and your baby’s body. Remember, suicide is still illegal. If you could really do whatever you want, you’d be able to end your own life, but you can’t. Dr. Kevorkian could tell you that.

Now, with this amazing breakthrough in stem cell research (explicated in a Washington Post editorial Maura sent to me), the U.S. political pendulum is swinging even farther toward the right. Adult stem cells have cured dozens of diseases already, while research from embryonic stem cells has done nothing except incite political and ideological debate. Now Thomson has proved that not only can you do more good using adult stem cells, it’s easier. There is absolutely no need to continue embryonic stem cell research.

This is almost incredible. Almost. It would be actually incredible (which means “unbelievable”) if I didn’t believe that God knows what he’s doing.


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Does your last paragraph imply that God knew what he was doing just before the recent announcement by Thompson and the Japanese? I am always concerned when someone judges that God knows what he is doing. Of course, what God is doing right just happens to match the opinion of the person judging God as correct.

It’s quite interesting that the recent work by Thompson et al. is judged as producing something that is equivalant to an embryonic stem cell when scientists I read say we need to learn so much more about ESC’s. We need to know how disease begins in human development and we need to know what intervention can occurr.

Need to understand human development and to insure that possible cures are not being missed will cause ESC researched all over the world.

Frederick: I mean to imply that I believe God has a plan for the world and for each of us individually. Even when it seems like he’s not acting or is letting things go wrong, in a sense (like the horror of performing scientific research on the smallest of his children).

As for the potential of ESC research, it remains that not a single disease has ever been cured using ESCR. Adult stem cell research (including cells from umbilical cord blood), however, is currently being used to treat dozens of diseases. (See this blog post and the accompanying Catholic Exchange article for more information.)

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