Why Chastity Is Important

As the whole world now knows, Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant. I was so saddened by the news. I had such hope for her. She’s a better singer than her sister, and Zoey 101 is a cute show. This makes it seem like she’s headed down Britney’s path. I know fame played a substantial role in Britney’s decline, but there are plenty of famous people that lead more wholesome lives. (Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe were my showbiz couple role models until they got divorced.)

The consensus around the table was that it was unrealistic to think that 16-year-olds would not have sex, and that someone should have talked to Ms. Spears about contraception.

The girls, who had followed the story on TV and the Internet, were also critical of Ms. Spears’s mother, who had been widely quoted as saying that one reason she was shocked by her daughter’s pregnancy was that she had always followed her curfew.

“When I heard that, I started laughing out loud,” Ms. Akusis said. “You can have sex during the middle of the day,” adding, “It’s not like there’s a time limit.”

Jamie Lynn’s situation goes to show that something is seriously wrong with our society. It is completely realistic to expect that 16-year-olds can control themselves enough to stay abstinent. Moreover, they can stay chaste. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible. Obese people can’t blame stores and restaurants for selling them unhealthy food; they choose to eat it. Likewise, teenagers can’t blame their hormones and the existence of temptation for giving in to it. We’re people, not animals. No, no one needed to talk to Jamie Lynn about contraception. Someone needed to tell her she deserved better than an 19-year-old boyfriend who didn’t care enough to guard her body and her heart.

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do you know that Reese was six months pregnant when she married Ryan? Not exactly a great role model if you value chastity.

jt: No, I didn’t realize that! But I stand by what I wrote: As far as maintaining a family and keeping their private lives private, Reese and Ryan did a good job.

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