Advertising Woes

I just saw an ad in my Yahoo! Mail that reminds me of my days in women’s studies class.

Ridiculous Ad

What on earth does that woman have to do with a computer? Honestly! Will my hair be that straight if I get a MacBook Air? Do I get to date her if I get a MacBook Air? Are my clothes going to be that clingy and low-cut if I get a MacBook Air? I’ll pass.


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Hi Lindsay. I was just googling the phrase “Love is Kryptonite” and happened upon your blog. Thanks for the kind words! Anyway, about the woman in the Mac ad: the connection is that she, like the Mac Air, is “amazingly thin.” What kind of message does that ad send?


Hi Dean. :) That does make sense, though the largest word in the ad is “free”…so not only is the woman “amazingly thin,” but “free.” The ridiculousness continues.

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