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More Gems from My Students

Suffice it to say that between the flu and my accident, I have more work than usual to catch up on this weekend. My first sub assignment was for the students to use their vocabulary words in sentences. They had some trouble the first few times I gave them that assignment. I got sentences such as “What is a cascade?” As far as I can tell, you have no idea what the word means if that’s the kind of sentence you create.

A few classes did the assignment when I was with them on Wednesday because it never got to the sub. I’ve read sentences such as “Miss W”s germs suffused the classroom; they filled it” and “The teacher Mrs. W., needed a respite because she is very ill and need[s] to relax.” At least he understands and was polite.

A Rough Week

On Sunday, I lectored at my local parish for the evening Mass. It was weird getting up at the same time, and doing my hair, but putting on regular clothes and going about the business of my day. I was paranoid all afternoon that I’d accidentally forget and miss Mass, simultaneously shirking my lector responsibilities. Around midafternoon, my throat started to get a little scratchy, but I get sore throats fairly often, so I didn’t worry. Much. More than usual.

Mass went fine. I got several compliments for lectoring, which happens pretty frequently. I maintain that it’s the Holy Spirit that gave me the gift to read the words he inspired. All I do is transfer the words on the page into something people receive more easily by ear.

After Mass, I came home and had dinner, which included McShane on his way back to ACE Gump. After dinner, I stood up and wondered, “Why does my right leg ache?” The left one’s the bad one. “And my arms…and back–oh, no, I’m sick.” Sure enough, I was running a fever by 9:00. I worked through part of it, concluding that if I recovered overnight, I would still need to be at least partly planned for Monday, if not the whole week.

Monday morning, I was so sick I made it out of bed only long enough to email work for my students to the principal. I slept until nearly 1 p.m., interrupted by a phone call from my vice-principal (he needed to confirm that my lack of presence meant I would be absent) and from my awesome Carpool Buddy checking on me. Unfortunately, falling ill that day meant I had to miss dinner with nuns. I love nuns (and free food), so I was bummed and lonely, but they did invite me to spend spring break with them.

By Monday evening, I was convinced that I’d need just one more day to recover, so I emailed in more work. The first email got a “hope you feel better soon” in reply. The second got nothing. I’m not sure the message was ever passed along. I spent Tuesday coughing, mostly, culminating in a two-hour coughfest while I tried to sleep. I had to get out of bed to take some medicine so I would quit hacking.

This morning, against my better judgment, I got dressed and drove to work. My kids were glad to see me, except when they kept trying to hug me. I warned them, “I’m still sick. Don’t make me angry–I’ll cough on you!” I only sort of meant it. It was a long, long day, but my clear misery and germiness convinced the principal to make accommodations for me tomorrow.

After the last bell, I was out of there like a flash. I still felt terrible, but I managed the drive home…until the driver in front of me slammed on his brakes and I slammed into him. Long story short, there were three cars, but mine was the smallest, so I got the most damage. Physically, I’m okay. I cut my lip, both knees are bruised, and I’m still sick. My amazing housemates came to meet me in the ER and stayed while I had x-rays and such, but aside from some hard bumps, there shouldn’t be any long-term damage.

And I am not going to work tomorrow.

Friday Five: Hodge Podge

These past two weeks are an insightful bunch. This week(end)’s questions:

  1. What activity can you not believe you survived in your childhood? I’m pretty boring; I never really did anything that could have gotten me killed. I got a hugely painful hornet sting when I was really young, though, about six. It’s one of my most vivid memories. I was sitting outside behind the mailbox unit in my cul-de-sac on the first military base where I grew up. I was reading a book to my friends: one about the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. One hand was holding the book, the other was in the grass, and a hornet landed on my hand and stung me. I screamed my head off, and my mom scraped out the stinger with something shiny and silver in the upstairs bathroom.
  2. What activity can you not believe kids get away with today? Having sex and babies, honestly. There has got to be something we can do. Violence and laziness and inactivity are bad, too, but kids shouldn’t be having kids.
  3. If you could be anyone else in the world [a]live or dead, who would you choose to be? It would be fascinating to be President Obama right now, but I’d probably want to be the Blessed Mother or one of my favorite saints.
  4. A lot of people think they’ve been in love at 15 or 16 years old, do you think you now look back and think you were a stupid kid or do you believe that you were old enough to know what love is? I was definitely stupid. I assess that relationship like this: Either love can end, or it can’t. If you believe that love can end, then I fell out of love with him. If you don’t, then I never was. Based on the variety of relationships I’ve had since then, so many of which are unbelievably strong, I’m included to support the latter.
  5. Do you think it is possible to remain in love with someone you once loved, but haven’t seen in a year? Memories are powerful things. They can propel our lives or haunt us. I believe that true love never ends, though, so no.

Last week’s

  1. How would you define beauty? Beautiful people and things reflect the inherent and awesome beauty of their Creator.
  2. What is the best quality a person can have? Holiness. The guys that attract me are the ones that seem like intelligent, wise, fun, and holy men. I love a guy who loves God.
  3. What is the worse [sic] quality a person can have? Selfishness. It applies in so many aspects of life, from loving God to loving others. If all you care about is yourself, there’s not even room for anyone to care about you.
  4. What makes up your perfect match? I like people who can have a good conversation, who are committed to their passions, and who bring out my good qualities and can ignore the bad ones. I love people who love God, who can appreciate Harry Potter, and who like to laugh.
  5. Have you met this person yet? Perhaps.

Out of the Mouths of Students

My tenth-graders were assigned to write about the qualities of a good leader as a prereading activity for the Aeneid. One of my girls wrote this (lack of focus and extraneous punctuation were left intact):

Good leaders have qualities of a president. For example Martin Luther King Jr; he wanted to help those around him get equal rights and to be treated fairly. A teacher like Miss. W. is good as a leader. She helps me whenever I need it and she tries to make sure we understand and comprehend what we do. Miss. W. takes misfortune and turns it completely around, she ignores it and pray’s for it to get better. In the face of adversity Martin Luther King Jr. kept going and fighting for what was right until his time came to be with God.

I’m no Dr. King, but at least she gets what I’m trying to do every day. At least someone at this school gets it.

People I Know in the News

Via The Ark and the Dove, a Catholic Terps alumni blog, I discovered a great feature article about Sister Dede in the Washington Times. She’s Fr. Bill’s actual sister, a religious sister, and an army surgeon. There’s a great slideshow with it, though some of the images are distressing at first glance.

Also in Catholic Terps/friend news, the MOEs took a great picture at the March for Life that’s Dominican blog. This was the first year I wasn’t able to take the day off to go, and I definitely missed it…in between teaching classes and calling parents to tell them that their children have done no homework, of course.

The Weekly Musing #5

Before the Super Bowl kicks-off this evening (haha, pun fully intended on that one), take a minute to ponder these football-related questions. :smile: I’m not much of a football enthusiast, so I am going to try my best on this one… lol.

  1. First of all, do you even plan on watching the Super Bowl? Nope. I could not care less about football. It would take concerted effort for me to care less. I did watch in my apartment junior year, though. We had a party, so that kept my attention.
  2. What are some of your favorite foods to eat during football games? I don’t watch or go to any. We had potato skins, though, and I love those.
  3. If you could pick the musical act for the half-time show, who would you pick and why? No clue.
  4. If you won tickets to the Super Bowl, would you go to the event or sell the tickets for a ridiculous amount of money? Honestly, I’d probably give them to a football fan as a gift before I sold them. When am I going to be able to snag a gift as impressive as that ever again?
  5. Name your favorite football movie, or your favorite football-related moment from any movie. Remember the Titans was really good. I also liked We Are Marshall. I can go for a good football movie, but only because they’re never just about football. I like the stories.

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Pandora’s Apology

I’m listening to Pandora while grading tests. The tests are mediocre, but Pandora is great. Not only does it play perfectly through my computer speakers (loud enough for me; silent to my housemates despite my open door), but it/she just apologized for not being able to find info on Michelle Branch right away. (Click to view full size.)


Then I accidentally loaded my blog’s admin screen in the same window, interrupting the music. You win some, you lose some.

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