Catholic Carnival 211

I’ve given up (again, I think) on ever being up-to-date with the Catholic Carnival. Kate Wicker’s post, “Dating My Husband,” from Carnival 211, was a delight to read. I remember when my parents started (resumed?) dating. They waited until I was old enough to babysit my siblings, and then they would go out on weekends to movies, comedy shows, and things like that.

My mom always claimed she spaced us to enable cheap (basically free) babysitting. She also claims I taught myself to read. I choose to believe the latter.

It was oddly endearing, considering my age (twelve or so), to see my parents enjoying each other’s company. It reassured me that they would always be there for me, together. These days, I’m not so sure—but that’s a story for another day. I fully appreciate what Kate and her husband are doing. It supports marriage in a world that so desperately needs to be reminded of the face of true love and commitment.

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