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Friday Five: Alien Invasion

One of these days, I will post a Friday Five on an actual Friday.

  1. If aliens were invading, what would you do, hide or wait by your TV? I’m more likely to wait by my computer than by the TV, honestly. Constantly refreshing CNN sounds like a more Lindsaylike strategy than anything else.
  2. The aliens have landed and they haven’t blown the planet to bits, how would you react if they looked like us? I’d probably wonder if life was imitating art again, and I’d stumbled into Star Trek: First Contact. (I haven’t seen the new Trek movie, but I wouldn’t mind going.)
  3. What if the aliens were disgusting looking (like a pile of rotten cheese), then how would you react? In between being grossed out, I’d wonder why no one had started pounding them yet.
  4. The aliens are about to make an announcement and all communication goes out. Your neighbor says that she/he heard that the aliens have announced they are going to destroy Earth. Do you believe him/her? Why? We don’t know any of our neighbors, so probably not. Technically, though, talking to my neighbor is communicating. (Yes, I quibble over semantics. I’m an English teacher.)
  5. The last question is so inappropriate that I’m not going to dignify it with an answer. Check the link if you’re curious.


7 Quick Takes Friday: Vol. 33

I realized as I was posting yesterday that I don’t really blog anymore. I do bloggable things, but I don’t love this space like I used to. The reason I began journaling in the first place was to have a record of my life. This year in ACE has been unbelievable. I’m already going to forget so much of it, and that’s a tragedy in itself. I want to take a step towards changing that.

As I caught up on Catholic Carnivals today (I’m so far behind that it completely changed formats on me!), I stumbled across what may be the gateway to my revitalized blogging: 7 Quick Takes Friday. It’s hosted by Catholic blogger Jennifer at Conversion Diary. Unlike the Friday Five, it’s not purposely secular, but unlike the Catholic Carnival, it’s not explicitly religious, either. It might be the happy medium I’ve been searching for.


  1. I have three weeks of school left. This is exactly nine days of instruction (including review days), three half-days of final exams, and two staff development days. Depending on when I leave to go back to ND, I have between twenty and twenty-one days left here. Where did the time go? It’s exciting, though, because I won’t be a first-year teacher once I finish this one, and I never have to do it again. Not like this. Never ever. Praise God!
  2. In ACE, we have two supervisors for our communities: a site supervisor, who watches our teaching, and a pastoral administrator, who watches our community. Our pastoral administrator, Sarah, told me on her last visit that my Carpool Buddy and I relate like siblings. This week, some things went down at school that made me feel more like his little sister than I have in a very long time. I love that he wants to protect me, but I worry that he’s taking on too much responsibility for watching out for me. My situation will be changing dramatically very soon, so I’m taking the recent issues considerably better than I’ve handled anything this year. He’s away this weekend, and I absolutely supported his last-minute decision to go because he needed a break: from me and from this place. I’m not sure if I’m handling this the right way, though. How does a little sister take care of her big brother?
  3. My car is under recall for a shift lever problem. It turns out that, when I put it in park, it might not actually shift into park, and it could roll away. Wonderful. I’m taking her to the dealer for a check-up on Monday before work.
  4. Becca wrote me a letter back! Predictably, I haven’t been able to write back to her since I got her letter last week, but the point is that someone wrote back. Maybe this whole task of rekindling authentic relationships with my long-distance family and friends will work after all.
  5. I read about the heresy of monophystism for the first time in Catholicism for Dummies this morning. It taught that Jesus’ divine and human natures were totally separate, leading to the definition of the hypostatic union. I must say, “hypostatic union” is one of my favorite technical terms. It just sounds so rock and roll, you know?
  6. I observed (can’t say “had” because I wasn’t really that involved) a great conversation about the nature of the priesthood last night. McShane brought up an interesting point about priestly celibacy: if married priests are an allowable exception, why hasn’t it been validated further (say, in an order of married priests) rather than a continued exception? Thoughts for a full post later, perhaps.
  7. I watched the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy with Sarah last night. Holy cow. I have not yelled and cried (and accidentally fallen asleep because I was very tired) that much in a long time. At least since the end of last season.

Friday Five

  1. What is your favorite girls’ name? I always liked K names. Mine starts with L, and I do love it, but there’s something about K’s. For three or four people back in my bedroom in this ACE house, the occupant’s name had a K (first or last). L is close enough, right? My successor, however, has an M and a C. All streaks must come to an end, I suppose.
  2. What is your favorite boys’ name? I tend to like Biblical names: John, Mark, Matthew, Andrew. Being a girl, I haven’t thought about boys’ names nearly as much.
  3. What is the weirdest/most obnoxious name you’ve ever given to a pet? I’ve only had the opportunity to name one. My goldfish, Goldie, was the product of an unimaginative little girl at a carnival. We also had a parakeet when I was really little, but I can’t remember its name.
  4. What is/was your favorite pet? I don’t actually like pets. Animals and I don’t really get along.
  5. What is your most cherished dream for your future? Now that’s a random end to the F5 if I ever saw one. My biggest dream is probably still to become a writer. I don’t know anymore what form I want that to take (for example, would being a popular blogger count?), but I’ve held onto that wish for a long time.


Friday Five: Turn Back Time

  1. If you could live in any period in history other than now, when would it be? I have a deep, abiding love for 80’s music.
  2. What knowledge or skills do you think you’d have to learn to be able to fit in your chosen period of history? I’d have to get my hair a lot bigger than it is now. Goodbye, flat iron; hello crimping.
  3. If you could take just one thing from the modern world back with you, what would it be? The 80’s were fairly modern, so to speak. I would take the Internet back. Does that count as just one thing?
  4. What period in history would you hate to have lived in?I’m guessing the Crusades weren’t fun. Or the Dark Ages.
  5. What thing from the past would you like to see make a comeback? Does chivalry count?

via F5 @ LJ

Friday Five: Randomosity

  1. What was your first word as a child? I don’t know. I’ve seen my baby/school memories book, but I don’t think that was in it.
  2. What’s the weirdest dare you’ve ever taken? No one’s ever officially dared me to do something, not in those exact words. I did travel remarkably far for a boy once, though. And by “once,” I mean “two months ago.” Oh, man.
  3. What are you allergic to? Nothing, as far as I know. One day back at UMD, my eyes were ridiculously watery while the facilities people were cutting the grass, but before and since that one day, I’ve been fine.
  4. What was the last name of the person you first kissed? Crowe.
  5. Have you ever REALLY cried from happiness? What was the situation? When I read that Harry thought Ron and Hermione would be a couple in the future (or whatever it actually says) in HBP, the tears started coming. I didn’t even know Dumbledore was going to die in about 400 more pages.

via F5 @ LJ

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