Friday Five: Randomosity

  1. What was your first word as a child? I don’t know. I’ve seen my baby/school memories book, but I don’t think that was in it.
  2. What’s the weirdest dare you’ve ever taken? No one’s ever officially dared me to do something, not in those exact words. I did travel remarkably far for a boy once, though. And by “once,” I mean “two months ago.” Oh, man.
  3. What are you allergic to? Nothing, as far as I know. One day back at UMD, my eyes were ridiculously watery while the facilities people were cutting the grass, but before and since that one day, I’ve been fine.
  4. What was the last name of the person you first kissed? Crowe.
  5. Have you ever REALLY cried from happiness? What was the situation? When I read that Harry thought Ron and Hermione would be a couple in the future (or whatever it actually says) in HBP, the tears started coming. I didn’t even know Dumbledore was going to die in about 400 more pages.

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