Friday Five: Alien Invasion

One of these days, I will post a Friday Five on an actual Friday.

  1. If aliens were invading, what would you do, hide or wait by your TV? I’m more likely to wait by my computer than by the TV, honestly. Constantly refreshing CNN sounds like a more Lindsaylike strategy than anything else.
  2. The aliens have landed and they haven’t blown the planet to bits, how would you react if they looked like us? I’d probably wonder if life was imitating art again, and I’d stumbled into Star Trek: First Contact. (I haven’t seen the new Trek movie, but I wouldn’t mind going.)
  3. What if the aliens were disgusting looking (like a pile of rotten cheese), then how would you react? In between being grossed out, I’d wonder why no one had started pounding them yet.
  4. The aliens are about to make an announcement and all communication goes out. Your neighbor says that she/he heard that the aliens have announced they are going to destroy Earth. Do you believe him/her? Why? We don’t know any of our neighbors, so probably not. Technically, though, talking to my neighbor is communicating. (Yes, I quibble over semantics. I’m an English teacher.)
  5. The last question is so inappropriate that I’m not going to dignify it with an answer. Check the link if you’re curious.


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