Friday Five: Clean Up the House

  1. How often do you clean your home? I’ve shared homes for…well, technically my whole life, but our cleaning schedule usually puts me with some daily chores and some weekly. I have never, however, needed to “clean my room” the way most people seem to. Sometimes I feel the need to declutter an area, but I tend to tidy before bed every day. Clean as you go.
  2. What domestic chore do you hate? I have never done anything involving yard work. Mowing the lawn seems easy (though hot and tiring), but I’m sure I could manage to mess that up somehow.
  3. What domestic chore do you enjoy? I actually don’t mind ironing, cleaning, or unloading the dishwasher. I’ll find shortcuts when I’m low on time, but there’s nothing particularly hateful about doing any of them.
  4. Do you own a washing machine or go to the laundrette? I’ve always called it the laundromat. The closest I came to using one of those were dorm laundry rooms freshman and sophomore years (and both ACE summers). I always did my laundry at odd times, usually early morning or midafternoon, to avoid rushes.
  5. Do you iron underpants and/or bed sheets? Weird. Neither. I have not ironed less than I did in the last year since before I started doing my own ironing: fifth grade. There’s only so much time in a day, and when it was a choice between ironing pants that didn’t strictly need to be ironed and getting ten extra minutes of sleep, I chose the sleep.


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