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Friday Five: Random

I’m on the right day again! Woo-hoo!

  1. What is the one place you never want to live? China. It’s very difficult to be Catholic there, and being able to practice my religion is very important to me.
  2. Do you consider yourself to be a “picky eater”? I’m not anymore, but I used to be. Until about four years ago, I refused to eat most vegetables (I’m told corn and potatoes didn’t even count) and all fruits. I loved orange and apple juices, though. Then, for Lent, I sacrificed the choice to pass on veggies. It worked like a charm. Now I have a deep love for fresh spinach salads and cooked-but-crunchy broccoli and sweet-but-not-too-sweet apples.
  3. What do you think people say about you behind your back? I know I come on strong. Most people probably think I’m too obsessed with details, religion, and perfectionism. I think have standards and stick with my choices (once I get around to making them). I’ve tried to work on being less passive-aggressive.
  4. If you could own and operate any major business what would be? I love books, but I don’t know know that I’d do well if I tried to run one. Besides, Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble, and Books-a-Million seem to have cornered that market.
  5. Do you feel as if you are a black-and-white only person, or a person who sees many gray areas? That is to say, do you have strong opinions on everything, or do you recognize the need to compromise? On some things, I don’t compromise. I’m not mean about it, but there are some things I’ve simply picked my position on. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

Friday Five: Dec. 24

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… (And I’m posting on the correct day and everything!)

  1. Do you celebrate the religious aspect of Christmas or the commercial aspect of Christmas? Both, though I don’t think it’s as much a “commercial” aspect as a secular one. UT has a great post about this. (Of note: I had to dig to find that link, and it’s not even Christmas day yet!)
  2. What’s your favorite activity to celebrate the holidays? (i.e. baking [goodies], making ornaments, etc.) I love Christmas and winter songs. “Candlelight,” all the traditional ones about angels, “Winter Song,” “Song for a Winter’s Night,” “Wonderful Christmastime,” they’re all so much fun!
  3. Would you rather give or receive? Give. Receiving is nice, of course, but there’s an even better joy knowing that you can give someone a present that shows your love.
  4. What is the gift you are most anxious to give this holiday season and who is it for? What makes is so special? I got my little brother this shirt. I like it because it works as a t-shirt, it’s funny, and it will remind him of me.
  5. What is the most memorable gift you have ever gotten for Christmas? Why did it stand out more compared to other ones? An ex-boyfriend gave me a beautiful heart-shaped necklace. It has infinity-like symbols making up the heart and a tiny dangling cross in the middle. I couldn’t appreciate it when he gave it to me, unfortunately, but I loved it later.

Merry Christmas!

Catholics on Atheism

As a professional Catholic (more or less), I would say I am most intrigued by Judaism and atheism. Agnostics I can understand: making a concrete religious choice is a big deal, and as someone who is often indecisive, I identify with choosing not to make that choice. I love Judaism’s cultural connections and epic history.

It’s harder to wrap my head around atheism. While studying astronomy in high school, I found out that astronomers and biologists are the scientists most likely to believe in God. The origins of the universe and the building blocks of life are so precise that it becomes harder to believe that they are simply accidents.

I read in the CERC newsletter last week an atheist creation story of sorts. It was tricky to keep all the characters straight, but somehow fascinating at the same time. I also felt that it was a fair parody, one that tries to be heartfelt while still being real and poking a little bit of fun (but not too much).

I do not, however, enjoy the atheist creation story as much as I like “Candlelight,” which is now one of my favorite songs ever, winter holiday season or otherwise. It is one of the few songs I have ever immediately known I must download. Who doesn’t love talented, well-dressed, sincere Jewish boys? (Answer: No one.)

Movies Recently Seen, Vol. 2

In recent memory, I have seen four movies of note. Two I had intended on seeing eventually, and two I hadn’t, but I watched them all anyway.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show: I will admit that I only watched this so I would understand “The Rocky Horror Glee Show.” I was intrigued by Jayma Mays’ audition song being “Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me.” I also had a free On Demand movie coupon from my cable company, so I took the plunge. It was, in a word, bizarre. I can enjoy cult movies (like The Princess Bride or The Boondock Saints), but I need at least something resembling a logical plot. Rocky Horror lacked that. It did help me understand that episode of Glee a lot more, though, and it turned out being one of my favorite episodes of the season.

50 First Dates: My ex-boyfriend mentioned that he thought I’d like this one. He watched it without me, which was unusual since we watched so many together. He was right. I enjoyed Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer, but 50 First Dates was a much classier and more heartwarming story. That kind of dedication to someone you’ve just met is intense, and a little unbelievable, but also so sweet.

High School Musical 3: My sense of completion drove me to this one. I saw HSM 2 first at a CSC viewing party. (Fr. Kyle’s yelling “Don’t let her go, Troy!” remains one of the best moments of my life.) I caught the original HSM later and maintain that the story and character development in the second was much better than the first. As for the third, it was okay. I thought the dance sequences definitely took advantage of the increased budget and scope of a feature film, but I was back to not buying the story. I enjoy musicals, but I need a story, too. (Cf. this season of Glee, which has been kind of pathetic.) I liked the connections with the first film, but other than that, I could have died happily without finishing the trilogy.

Dan in Real Life: I watched this accidentally when it came on Fox yesterday afternoon after Millions. I’m so glad I did! The Truman Show is one of my favorite movies; I like it half for the incredible story and half for seeing Jim Carrey in a dramatic role with very light comedy. This movie was Steve Carrell’s opportunity to do the same thing. I loved the story, I loved how real the characters were, and I loved Steve Carrell’s character’s relationship with his daughters. I’d love to see it again when I’m not simultaneously reading blogs.

Catholic Calendar 2011

As it nears the end of the year, calendar people start looking for new calendars. I had a Harry Potter calendar every year from 2001 (when the first movie came out) all the way through college. I even had the “Heroic Moments” calendar that just had old movie stills since there was no new HP movie in 2004.

I gave up on the regular wall kind two years ago when I switched to Google Calendar full time, but I missed having a liturgical calendar because I’m a huge Catholic nerd like that. Then I found the answer. Since it’s online here, but not in the most handy form, I uploaded it to Google Calendar and made it public. If you are so inclined, you may subscribe by clicking on this link, downloading the resulting .ics file, and uploading it into Google Calendar or any other program that accepts the iCal format. Otherwise, you can view it on a standalone page here.

P.S. It’s good through 2012, too.

Friday Fives

As much as these posts seem random and possibly shallow, I do usually enjoy them. These are pretty lame. You have been warned.

November 19: Save the Animals?

  1. Do you have pets? If so, name them all and describe them! I have zero pets. I’m not a big animal fan. My family has a cockatiel named Jazzie. She had her flying feathers clipped as a baby, so she’s really bad at flying now. She tends to walk down the hall like a dog, which is bad because she’s a very good size for getting accidentally stepped on.
  2. A dangerous situation is happening and you spot an animal trapped, probably too afraid to get to safety. It could be a raging flood or crumbling cliffs and the animal could be a dog or cat – or perhaps your own family pet. Would you make an attempt to save them? If it’s a danger to me, then no! If I can tell that I’m going to be okay, then maybe.
  3. Even if you would or would not make an attempt, let’s say you somehow get to the poor animal but circumstances change and you can’t get back to safety. Maybe in the raging flood, you walked on something that finally broke free. Maybe the steps you used upon the crumbling cliffs had given way. Help has finally arrived in the form of a helicopter but they say they will only take you to safety and you must leave the animal behind. Would you or would you not? I would. Animals deserve to be treated with kindness, but they’re not people.
  4. There have been situations where people have tried to rescue dogs and cats but got stuck themselves. Do you think the rescue officials have the right to sue people who decided to help but ended up getting stuck themselves? It depends on the level of danger. Rushing into a burning building is only a good idea if you’re a firefighter. If you couldn’t possible foresee any danger, then you can’t be held responsible for putting yourself in danger. If you knew it was dangerous when you got involved, then it’s your fault for getting involved.
  5. The questions were to make you think about the value of an animal’s life. Did it help you rethink a few things or did it just help you hash out what you already feel? I’m pretty set.

December 3: Celebs and Addictions?

  1. If you could interview any person, who would it be? Does Jesus count? I’m not sure I could actually manage to ask anything, but the opportunity would be nice.
  2. If you could ask that person one controversial question, what would it be? Just one?
  3. Are you addicted to anything? I really like Icebreaker mints, but I was off them for a while.
  4. If you were told you need to abstain from that one addiction for a week, how long would it take you to crack? See previous question.
  5. If you could be any celebrity who would you be? Why? Being Oprah might be cool. So much money, so big a transformation from her youth, so much influence.

December 10: Random!

  1. What’s your favorite tree house story? I don’t even know what this question means.
  2. If your life was a soap opera, what would it be called? Well, I’ve taken to referring to things as some sort of “times” (good times, sad times, fun times), so perhaps Times.
  3. If you change your name, does that take away all your past and give you a new start? Aren’t these supposed to be opinionated questions? No. It might help you hide your past as a serial killer, but it doesn’t actually take anything away.
  4. What’s worse being creepy or a dramatic liar? Creepy. If you’re dramatic enough, people will know you’re a liar and won’t trust you. Creepiness gets to people’s heads.
  5. Have you ever stabbed anyone in the back? I don’t think so.

December 17: Old Plans/Dreams

  1. What job do you have and why do you like/hate it?I think I’m going to write a separate post about this and come back to link it.
  2. What did you want to be when you “grew up” as a kid? A nurse. Then a teacher. Tried that; didn’t work.
  3. Is the job you have now, anything like what you imagined as a kid? So very different.
  4. Do you have a 5 year career plan? No. My brief experience has encouraged me not to create one.
  5. In order to get the job of your dreams, is there ANYTHING you WOULDN’T do? Why? Commit a crime or a mortal sin. I feel like that’s a pretty basic answer.

I Am a Beast

“Well, she’s finally done it,” you may be thinking based on this post’s title. “She’s actually gone insane instead of just coming frighteningly close like she did so very many times during ACE.” But no, dear reader, that is not evidence of my burgeoning insanity. I just gave blood.

I decided that since Thanksgiving is supposed to be about giving thanks (to God originally, but even being thankful for things like the sheer blueness of blue jays is better than total apathy), and since my first ever blood donation during Lent worked out so well, I would try it again after I came back from my mini Thanksgiving trip. I knew it would be a slow day, and it was already Saturday, and I had successfully given blood once before, so I didn’t anticipate too much trouble.

Fail. My phlebotomist, Nick, was kind of cute and very good-humored, so when the needle in my left arm failed to encounter a vein, skinny or otherwise, he stuck with me (pun definitely intended) long enough to try my right. For my patience and positive attitude, I was rewarded with not one, but two 80s-tastic bandages and the wonderful buzz of regaining my energy while watching Glee back at home.

Me, triumphant.

All in all, it was not a bad way to spend the end of my weekend. Well, at least until I had to haul laundry with holes in my arms. Nevertheless, I remain either a very sad case or a total beast. I prefer the latter.

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