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Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival

This week, I have not one, but two Catholic(ish) posts to submit, so I’ve created this post as a mini-index.

First was A Different Way to Give, in which BustedHalo directed me to give blood for the first time, so I did.

Second was To Settle or Stay Single?, in which I finish reading an old article from The Atlantic, seek a second opinion at Boundless, and make my final decision.

To see more entries from this week’s carnival, visit the host post at This That and the Other Thing.

To Settle or to Stay Single?

I saw an article from The Atlantic being passed along on facebook earlier this month that I only finished this morning, “Marry Him!”, by Lori Gottlieb. It’s an extended editorial by a feminist-leaning mom with a donor-conceived child that basically tells women to stop being so picky by holding out for Mr. Perfect and to settle for Mr. Probably Okay. In true Lindsay fashion, I also sought out a response article on Boundless, a Focus on the Family webzine I used to read regularly in undergrad. Not surprisingly, the Boundless article takes a similar stance to Gottlieb’s, but with the caveat that the only real dealbreakers are a man’s Christian beliefs.

I’m still young, but as I attend my college friends’ weddings and get used to calling women by their married names, I feel some of that itch to get married. I haven’t dated in a very long time, but I still feel that, as religious as I am, I will either be married within the next five years or stay single for the next fifteen. I haven’t had much opportunity to be picky, so I don’t know how picky I am.

Gottlieb seems to suggest that there are no justifiable dealbreakers once a woman starts to head closer to 40, but some of her suggested qualities to overlook (telling inappropriate jokes, emotional instability) still seem significant to me. I agree, though, that you don’t have to be passionately in love with a man who matches every quality you desire in order to marry him. In the long run, I can deal with a 5’6″ man who prays with me and loves me despite my perfectionism and my maddening imperfections. If he thinks Napoleon Dynamite was cinematic genius, that won’t make me overlook his willingness to endure through difficulties in all the relationships in his life, even if that includes his mother. (I believe the way a man treats his mother is the way he’ll treat his wife in ten years.)

It’s okay to settle on some things, even if you are still young, but there’s nothing wrong with a few dealbreakers, either.

A Different Way to Give

Alas, I am not at the beach this week. This does not, however, mean that I can’t have been up to some spring break antics of my own. To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day yesterday, I wore my lime green ACE shirt, I kept my feet warm in the green striped “Irish for the day” socks that D’s mom sent me, and I made green pancakes for dinner. (Well, I made the pancakes because I love pancakes; the green dye just made them festive.) I took a picture of the pancake pile on my phone’s camera, but since I didn’t have the software on my new computer, and my computer won’t work right with it, I gave up. Trust me, despite the first few practice ones (read: mistakes), they were yummy and very green.

Today, I decided to do something I’d never done before: give blood. I’ve been following BustedHalo’s FastPrayGive calendar throughout Lent. I even won a mini-tin of BustedHalo M&M’s last Wednesday for entering the daily/weekly giveaway contest. I’m not going to eat them until Easter (I took my cheat day on Saturday/Sunday in Savannah), but it feels so awesome to win. That’s actually my second BH prize; the first was a signed copy of A Jesuit Off-Broadway from about two years ago. (Review here.) The candy came in the mail today with a free copy of the March and Holy Week editions of Magnificat. Bonus!

On Thursday, the Give challenge was to give time or blood at a local blood bank. I live right up the highway from one, so I promised myself to take the plunge…and today, I did it!

I’m glad I went on a day when I had unlimited time. It took about an hour from when I first walked in to when I walked out. I was almost ineligible (I lived in Germany during a couple of mad cow outbreaks, but after the ones that still make donors unacceptable), but it worked out. I found out part of my blood type, but I have to call back for the Rh factor. The guy working with me had to get a small needle from another building (I have terrible veins) and keep stripping my tube so the blood wouldn’t clot from flowing so slowly. It was such an odd feeling to think that I was bleeding profusely on purpose. I got apple juice and a ice pack to help keep my blood sugar up and the weird queasiness in my chest down, and everything went off without a hitch. I even got a cool hot pink stretchy bandage to wrap up my arm.

After I left, I treated myself to lunch at Jason’s Deli. I helped save three lives today; I deserved a yummy sandwich. Donating blood brings a whole new meaning to Lenten almsgiving.

Oprah Hearts Nuns

From Dymphna’s Well comes the news that The Oprah Winfrey Show featured a segment on the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist! I was at Dymphna’s blog catching up on the Catholic Carnival, but I did a little exploring. I am so glad to see how balanced and fair the article is. It seems like the best reporting: asking questions and genuinely listening to the answers, no matter how odd or countercultural they seem.

Tonight, in addition to finding that article, I read one about finding a spiritual director. I am also on spring break this week, and not far from Nashville, where a friend of mine entered the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecelia. There are no coincidences, only God….

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