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I Pledge On My Honor

I have mused recently on the subject of honesty. My mother always says that I miss out on opportunities because I’m “too dang honest.” She’s right; I don’t lie. I try not to even exaggerate. If the truth isn’t good enough for something or someone, then it, he, or she is not good enough for me.

My determined honesty has exacerbated my current job search because I want to change fields, but I’m still best qualified to be a high school English teacher. The awful consequence of the past two years was getting all the training I need to be a teacher for the rest of my life and losing all the motivation to do that very thing. Now I face the task of searching for a new job and convincing potential employers that I’m still young, flexible, and qualified enough to switch to doing whatever it is that they do.

I managed the convincing once already. A very small youth ministry program in Seattle offered me a place, but I declined the offer. After college and grad school plus service, I need a job. I have bills to pay.

The temptation to exaggerate and outright lie does inevitably rise. And it’s lucrative (cf. Turnitin for admissions essays, Catch Me If You Can, and a guy who conned Harvard for years). Saying the wrong thing in an interview by telling too much too soon (or not enough…ever) could cost me a job. I can’t afford that, but I also can’t afford the weight of a lie on my conscience.

Movies Recently Seen

This post has been about two weeks in the making. Catching up on several months of email newsletters will do that to you. I have four movies to write about here, two quite old and two very new.

Just Wright (Queen Latifah, Common, James Pickens Jr.): I went to see this movie on a whim. The rest of my family was going, and I hate being left home while they go out to do something I enjoy (as opposed to being left home during, say, a soccer game). The acting was nothing special, though Queen Latifah definitely seemed more comfortable than Common did. The story is sports-based: she plays a physical therapist and huge New Jersey Nets fan who wanders into her favorite player’s path, but her “godsister” snags him as the one who’ll fulfill her dream of being an NBA trophy wife. (An awful dream, I know.) I’ve definitely seen better romantic comedies. I like it when rom-coms are actually funny; this really wasn’t. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re desperate to beat the heat.

Coraline: My ex-boyfriend loved Neil Gaiman, the author upon whose book this movie is based. I love stop-motion animation and have a soft spot for The Nightmare Before Christmas. The pacing was very, very slow. Much slower than I would expect from anything even for teenagers. It was dark, as I expected, but kid-friendly black comedy remains restricted to A Series of Unfortunate Events. Coraline Jones is a young girl who finds a secret door to another world (no white rabbit here) where everything is exactly as she wants it, but of course there’s something sinister. It reminded me less of Narnia and more of Pan’s Labyrinth, though far less violent, of course! I would recommend it as a late-night watch (which is when I saw it), but it wasn’t particularly magical.

Toy Story 3: I went with my mom to see it in 3-D. As I mentioned in my Avatar review, I am not a fan of 3-D movies because I already wear glasses. However, Avatar’s 3-D effects were noticeable enough to make that extra worth it. TS3‘s were not. That said, you must see the 2-D version! I was wary at first because threequels are so rarely good, but I am glad my friends’ facebook reviews convinced me otherwise. I enjoyed the story immensely because it picked up where the second left off and brought the movie to a beautiful closure. I definitely cried for the last five minutes, and I am not a movie crier. The Barbie-Ken relationship was very well handled, the new mystery was intriguing, and I felt absolutely satisfied with its end. Another winner for Disney and Pixar.

Enchanted: I was supposed to watch this movie at the CSC with all my friends (or at least the girls), but I was on my first ACE retreat that weekend. I caught it on Syfy last night, and it was glorious. I was disappointed that I couldn’t really hear McDreamy’s singing, but I loved Giselle. She knew how to work ingenue. I wasn’t quite satisfied with Nancy’s instantly marrying Prince Edward in the end. Wasn’t the whole point Giselle and Robert were making that true love takes time? I’m a big fan of “worlds collide”-type stories (not just Who Framed Roger Rabbit), so I loved Enchanted.

So, see, I have been watching something other than Degrassi this summer.

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