Catholic Calendar 2011

As it nears the end of the year, calendar people start looking for new calendars. I had a Harry Potter calendar every year from 2001 (when the first movie came out) all the way through college. I even had the “Heroic Moments” calendar that just had old movie stills since there was no new HP movie in 2004.

I gave up on the regular wall kind two years ago when I switched to Google Calendar full time, but I missed having a liturgical calendar because I’m a huge Catholic nerd like that. Then I found the answer. Since it’s online here, but not in the most handy form, I uploaded it to Google Calendar and made it public. If you are so inclined, you may subscribe by clicking on this link, downloading the resulting .ics file, and uploading it into Google Calendar or any other program that accepts the iCal format. Otherwise, you can view it on a standalone page here.

P.S. It’s good through 2012, too.


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I subscribed and it’s very nice. Thanks.

I’ll have to check this out; the liturgical desk calendar is RRREAAALLY expensive.

    I’m not sure which edition you mean. It’s been a while since I’ve bought a wall (or desk) calendar, so I’m not sure how much they usually run, but I can guarantee that Google Calendar is free! For anyone interested, the dates are all also listed in a PDF from the USCCB.

This worked great for me! I love it! I do have a question though – I sent it on to a priest friend of mine and he’s having trouble merging it. He has an iphone but uses a Dell computer. He says it keeps going to his Windows calendar, which he doesn’t use. Any tips for him?

    First, is he trying to click the link from his iPhone or his computer? Links tend to work a little differently on smartphones.

    If he’s using his computer, he should be able to download the .ics file and upload it into Google Calendar fairly easily. Just double-clicking on the downloaded .ics file won’t open it in Google Calendar. I think that would default to Windows Calendar (just like clicking directly on a mailto: link defaults to Windows Live Mail).

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