Catholics on Atheism

As a professional Catholic (more or less), I would say I am most intrigued by Judaism and atheism. Agnostics I can understand: making a concrete religious choice is a big deal, and as someone who is often indecisive, I identify with choosing not to make that choice. I love Judaism’s cultural connections and epic history.

It’s harder to wrap my head around atheism. While studying astronomy in high school, I found out that astronomers and biologists are the scientists most likely to believe in God. The origins of the universe and the building blocks of life are so precise that it becomes harder to believe that they are simply accidents.

I read in the CERC newsletter last week an atheist creation story of sorts. It was tricky to keep all the characters straight, but somehow fascinating at the same time. I also felt that it was a fair parody, one that tries to be heartfelt while still being real and poking a little bit of fun (but not too much).

I do not, however, enjoy the atheist creation story as much as I like “Candlelight,” which is now one of my favorite songs ever, winter holiday season or otherwise. It is one of the few songs I have ever immediately known I must download. Who doesn’t love talented, well-dressed, sincere Jewish boys? (Answer: No one.)

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