The Night of the Possum

One of my biggest regrets about my time in ACE is that I did not blog, journal, or otherwise write down most of my experiences. My memory has always been tenuous at best, so I know there are some moments I’ll never remember. Some of those I probably don’t want to remember. One stuck with me so much that I put it on video.

When I first moved to teach in ACE, my dad and I drove down from Maryland in the car I’d bought mere days before. In Maryland, the dealership registers new cars and calls the buyer to pick up the license plates. Since I had moved out of state, my mom picked them up and mailed them to me.

After school one day after the plates had arrived, I grabbed a screwdriver (the sole tool I owned at the time) and headed outside to put them on. I leaned out the screen door, noted that it looked like it might rain while I was in the carport, and went back across our duplex for my coat. Coming back to the screen door, I started to go outside, but then I felt something brush against my ankle. I looked down, backed up, and made a loud whining noise that is difficult to describe.

“Lindsay? Are you okay?” called my housemates.


“Why not?”

“Because there’s a possum in the house.”

Then commenced ten of the most ridiculous minutes of my life. I panicked in response to my female housemates’ panicking and climbing on the furniture, which called our male housemates to the rescue. One attempted to stand on a chair, too, which was a huge “man up” fail. One of the girls grabbed a video camera I hadn’t known she owned until that night. My trusty carpool buddy was definitely the man of the hour. Using our recycling bins and trash cans, he cornered the frightened little possum behind the spare washing machine and swept him out the door with a broom.

I’ve never seen that video, but it must look something like a brighter version of The Blair Witch Project or Cloverfield. And the reason I chose this moment as a time I’ve witnessed bravery in someone I admire? That Carpool Buddy saved us all from the possum that night!

Thanks to The Daily Post at for the idea for this post. I’ve always enjoyed memes, particularly the Friday Five, but having a fresh source of regular, random ideas is most welcome.

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