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Friday Five: Dreams

This week, the questions are from a person I actually knew in high school. Crazy times.

  1. What was the happiest dream (aka the best one) dream you ever had? I only ever really have weird dreams where very little makes sense in context but almost everything is connected to something that’s been on my mind.
  2. What was the worst dream you ever had? I woke up screaming once. Technically, I just shouted, and I didn’t wake Maura, so it wasn’t that loud. Still counts.
  3. If you had your choice tonight, what would you dream about? I’m pretty good right now, actually. I can never quite tell if I sleep more deeply when I remember my dreams or when I don’t, but I prefer the deeper version regardless.
  4. If you had your choice again tonight, what dream would you not like to have? See previous answer.
  5. What was your wildest dream (the craziest dream you would dare speak of)? I had one dream where I was in the school from Degrassi, aliens attacked, and Kid Rock played a concert on the roof while we waited for whatever was about to happen.

I Like My i(oh)Phone*

Tomorrow will be my first full day off in two weeks. I am super exhausted, so there are definitely some good hours of sleep with my name on them. As you can see in my last post, though, I have been having some neat times, and I have been remembering to take photos. My iPhone makes that a lot easier.

Take it from me: I never meant to become an iPhone fangirl. But I totally am. I used to never take digital photos because I didn’t have a camera. Then I got a Motorola RAZR, which is a camera phone, and I still didn’t take many pictures. The occasional awful public grammar mistake would make me whip it out, but not much else would. Even the sweet digital camera my parents got me for college graduation didn’t convince me to take more photos, although I do still use it. It’s just bothersome to carry around a separate device. With my iPhone, I don’t have to.

When I was eligible for an upgrade last spring, I wanted an iPhone. I went to the AT&T store immediately, but they couldn’t get me approved for an iPhone, so I almost got a Samsung but finally left the store without a new phone. A few weeks later, I found out that the iPhone 4 would probably be announced in June and available in July. It was tough to wait, but I did, and it was definitely worth it.

I could probably still manage without a smartphone if I had to, but I’m glad I went for it in the end. The data plan (a sticking point for many people) is only $5 more than other AT&T smartphone plans, and I have service wherever I want it. And I get to take photos on the fly–and on the town. Check out this sweet albeit blurry Instagram shot of the Spazmatics’ (80s cover band) guitarist!

The Spazmatics' guitarist, Geoffrey

*The odd title is an inside reference to the CSC hit “I Like My Xylophone,” which was performed by some old friends of mine, two of whom are currently in seminary.

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My Weekend in Photos

In just a few weeks, my baby Etta will officially be two years old. I had to cover a retreat at work on Friday night into Saturday, and when I pulled into the parking lot, my odometer had just hit 20,000 miles. She’s grown so fast!

my odometer at 20,000 miles

Then, I had to drive to a nearby beautiful and scenic location. Twice. In as many days. I was exhausted afterward (and still am), but I managed to blow past the odometer reading from just two days prior.

my odometer at 20,256 miles

I am a speed demon, friends. Not really; I don’t usually drive fast, but I did drive a lot. Besides, check out that weather shift.

By Monday, I was so tired that I didn’t have much energy to observe Singles Appreciation Day (also known as Valentine’s Day or Cyril and Methodius Day, depending on your persuasion). I did celebrate, however, by wearing my favorite color, lacking an actual valentine to dress up for.

me in my super cute purple outfit

Best Skirt Day Monday ever. I got at least three compliments, and my grandfather sent me a card and $20. Not bad for just a few days.

How Did I Get So Alone?

Time for a more personal post. I very rarely draft, future-date, or back-date posts, so they are almost always written within an hour or so of their post times. Check this one out: Saturday night. Yes, dear readers, I am an employed, single, reasonably attractive twenty-four year old who is sitting at home in her (admittedly super comfy) pajama pants and blogging. It is true that I have a hot date with a good night of sleep coming up very soon, but the aforementioned description still holds.

When did I get boring?

Moving to Austin was a big change. I’ve done big changes before: I lived overseas for seven years, I committed to ACE without ever setting foot on the ND campus or anywhere in the state of Alabama, I grew out my bangs. I’ve just never done it alone. I had the constant company of my family and the U.S. military when I was in foreign countries. I had my incredible communities and the rest of ACE getting me through those two years. I had the knowledge that I wouldn’t have to explain my hair so much anymore.

Now, I’m by myself. Work is still going quite well. I’m starting to get the hang of things, which is good because Lent is quickly approaching, and then it’ll be spring break, and then Easter, and then the semester will end. However, once summer comes, I will undoubtedly find a similar problem to the one I have right now. I’m lonely.

I’ve had to make friends before. Many times. Almost too many times, but not so many that it left me scarred or scattered like many military brats. I’ve been in completely unfamiliar environments (“You’re going to live with dudes?”). This is different, though: a new state that feels like a new country, a new apartment, a new job, a new phase in life, and a new inability to solve my loneliness.

I’m not trying to elicit pity, I promise. I just needed to get it out. I needed someone to know. And now you do.

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The Desert Island CD

In addition to today’s Friday Five (which has been posted sporadically recently), I stumbled across an idea for a bonus post connecting the F5 and Post A Day. Back in 2009, a question set I submitted to F5 actually made the cut! My answers are here, but one question I didn’t think to ask was what CD I would take along.

During a group meeting at work on Sunday, the students were listening to music while painting a banner on the floor. I listened in and found the track of the moment to be “Bills, Bills, Bills.” I can’t really say I’m still a Destiny’s Child fan (I think they lost it after “Survivor”), but The Writing’s on the Wall remains one of my favorite CDs of all time. It’s got “Bills,” “Say My Name,” “Jumpin’, Jumpin’,” “Where’d You Go”?,” and the original four members. (Michelle Williams’s singing voice was always a little too whiny for me.)

I have to say, though, that I don’t think it’s quite the right CD for my desert island endeavor. I’d give that spot to “The Beautiful Letdown,” by Switchfoot. Switchfoot is my favorite band, and that CD not only catapulted them into stardom, but helped them slide into Mandy Moore’s worldview, and by extension, mine. And who doesn’t love “Dare You to Move,” or my favorite non-single, “Ammunition”? I think I’d be best off with the Switchfoot CD because it’s even got little hints of God in it to keep me company while I’m stuck in the humidity and dark-tanning awfulness.

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Friday Five: Hobbies

Another set after another week off. Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

  1. What are some hobbies you would like to try, but haven’t done so [sic]? I have never “just been for a run” in my life, but that feels like it’d be a good thing to have in your back pocket. It’d also be nice to play a sport. Any sport, really.
  2. Why did you not pursue these hobbies? I am the opposite of athletic. I can get through my life, of course, but anything requiring extraordinary physical strength is pretty much out of the question.
  3. Do you often feel limited by your financial state with how you spend your free time? Not really. I don’t have expensive tastes, so I get by just fine.
  4. Do your hobbies play a major part of your life, or help define who you are? Yes. I love reading and working with computers, which, though they are not always compatible, works quite well for me. It’s nice to be seen as a book nerd but also have computers as a secret talent.
  5. Do you have any hobbies you have made income from? I don’t know if loving grammar counts as a hobby, but that helped me get into ACE and get a summer job in communications when I was in college.

I Don’t Want to Live Forever

Despite not wanting to teach and not actively using my education in pedagogy in my current job, I still remember what I learned. That’s reassuring, considering that this is my first year not being a full-time student since I was five. One of my favorite bits of educational knowledge is Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development. Piaget’s theory of cognitive development gets more publicity, but I have always preferred Erikson. He takes a more family-friendly approach.

I mean “family” in the broadest sense possible, of course. Piaget has utility for a classroom teacher because, by his theory, you kind of stop developing after adolescence. Hogwash! Erikson recognizes that people grow and change throughout their entire lives. It’s not as though you’re “done” when you hit 13. By Erikson’s reckoning, age has a purpose. You grow older because you need to experience new life challenges. You need to become a different person (though, admittedly, there are fewer drastic personality shifts after adolescence). I don’t want to be exactly the same when I’m 80 as I am now.

Life is supposed to change as you get older. I don’t want to live forever. I want to see what comes from being older, from growing as a person. Some ages aren’t great, but they’re all useful. Sorry, fountain of youth; the water from my Brita pitcher is all I need.

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