Friday Five: Travel

Another theme, hooray!

  1. What is your favorite way to travel (ship, place, car, train, etc)? Living in the South for several years has made me very fond of driving. It’s not as fast as flying, but it’s much cheaper. Road trips with friends can be great fun, and I love having hours of calm and sing-alongs when I’m by myself.
  2. Who is your favorite person to travel with? I like traveling alone a lot. I do that most of the time. Other than that, I like traveling with peers better than traveling with family. There’s less drama that way.
  3. What is the best vacation you’ve ever taken? I haven’t gone on a proper vacation in a long time. Hawaii was nice, but that was back when I was in middle school.
  4. Where will your next vacation be to? I’m more of a staycation kind of girl. My idea of a great time away from work is just relaxing at home and getting things (or nothing) done.
  5. If you had the time and money to go anywhere you wanted, where would you go? It’d be great to visit Sarah or to go back home and wander around the Smithsonian museums I haven’t seen.

The Friday Five

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