Sunday Snippets Recap

Just in time for the opening of this week’s Sunday Snippets submissions comes my highlights from last week’s. That’s sort of on time, right?

  • Anthony laments the general public’s knowledge of what logic, morality, and philosophy truly are. I agree. It’s much like I mentioned in a previous post about how nonreligious people seem offended by religious people’s simply being religious. It’s as though the only acceptable path of acceptance is to give up your right to do what you want. I will add a mini-lament that most people have never seen formal academic debate of the type that debate teams do, so they have no idea what it really means to debate something. “Debate” is not code for “sanctioned oral fighting.”
  • For Father’s Day, NC Sue recounts a reflection she gave at her father’s memorial service. It sounds like he was a great example of a faithful Catholic husband.
  • For the week, Kathleen shared several great posts. Her engagement story is lovely. You know a marriage is grounded in the Church when the beginning of the preparations for it happens literally in the church! She also reflects on the relationship between chores, sex, and marriage. I agree completely with her ideas. Marriage is supposed to be about mutual giving and receiving. You can’t expect to receive without giving first and in return. There’s a word for that: it’s “use.”

Here’s hoping that I’ll have highlights for today before next Sunday.

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