Friday Five: Luck

It’s a little sad to see a question set that was submitted by a deleted user. Half the fun of submitting questions is the mini-fame of being selected.

  1. Do you believe in luck, fate or a higher being? I don’t believe in luck, and I definitely don’t think that’s the same thing as believeing in “a higher being.” I do, of course, believe in God. Fate is iffy: I don’t imagine three sisters, but I believe God has a plan.
  2. Are you in control of your own destiny or someone else pulling the strings of your life?It’s a little of both. Regarding the aforementioned plan, a wise friend once suggested that, although God definitely has a plan, we don’t always know what it is, and even if we do, we don’t always follow it. I like his thinking.
  3. What are your lucky charms if you own any? I don’t believe in luck, so I don’t have any. I used to have a lucky necklace charm (a tiny 3-D heart), but I can’t remember why I thought it was so lucky. I wear my saints bracelet, another religious bracelet, and my holy medals, but they don’t have any power. They’re just reminders.
  4. Is the world really just a stage and are we merely actors on that stage? What does this have to do with luck? I think people are often part of something greater than they understand, but I don’t think of God as a puppeteer.
  5. Describe what happened on your “luckiest” day (positive or negative). I survived my car accident in 2009. That was miraculous, but not lucky.

A relief by Johann Gottfried Schadow of the three sisters representing Fate. Photo in the public domain.

The Friday Five

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