Friday Five: Growing Up

Hey, there’s a new F5! It appears to have been posted midday, but it didn’t turn up in my feed reader until 1:06 a.m., so I can only wonder what happened there.

  1. How many schools (up until college) have you attended, in all? Does that include college? I attended three elementary schools, one middle school, three high schools, one college for my undergraduate degree, and another college for my graduate degree.
  2. How many states have you lived in before the age of 18? How many countries? That would be past tense for me. I lived in just one state (Maryland), but three countries (the U.S., Japan, Germany, and then back to the U.S.). Since I turned eighteen, I’ve lived in two more states (Alabama and now Texas).
  3. Have you ever seen the hospital where you were born — where is it/what’s it’s name? I have, although I’ve never been in it. It was Malcolm Grow Medical Center on Andrews AFB in Maryland.
  4. Do you plan to live in the same state in which you were born, or somewhere else? Is that even possible if you’ve left the state already? I will always be a Maryland girl, but I don’t know if I’ll ever go back.
  5. Do you still talk to people from elementary school, middle-school [sic] or high school? I talk to no one from elementary school. I have a few friends from middle school I keep in touch with and other who I’m just superficially connected to on Facebook. I have exactly two high school friends I would actually want to see and spend time with, and they’re twin sisters. Most of my current friends are from college, ACE, or Austin.

Maybe the F5 moderators ought to edit the question submissions anyway. The Internet has made people more widely read, but if this is what they’re reading, it’s no wonder they can’t write. I would offer my time as an editor, but I’m not always reliable even with writing original posts my own blog and ACNM, so I guess I can’t really complain. I still want to complain, though.

The Friday Five

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