Friday Five: Music

This post is late, and my 7 Quick Takes will be late, too, but I’ve had such a great week that I don’t really care.

  1. How often do you listen to music? I probably listen to music every day, but that’s a happy accident more than an intentional life choice. I overhear so much music throughout the day: in stores, at work, and what I play myself.
  2. Do you ever listen to the radio? What is your favorite station?I listen to the radio all the time! It’s usually on when I’m in my car. I listen to Mix 94.7 because I like their morning show best—they play news headlines for one minute at the top of the hour and actually play entire songs as well. I listen to Kiss-FM for more pop music, Spirit for Austin Christian music, and our K-LOVE affiliate for more Christian music. At work, I listen to Air1 or Big R Radio online. I also have the cable package I do because I like to run Music Choice in the background sometimes for DJed commercial-free music.
  3. How do you find new songs, albums, or artists to listen to? I hear a lot on the radio. Occasionally I’ll get a recommendation from a friend or student.
  4. When was the last time you bought a CD? A digital music file? My last physical CD was Vice Verses, because I love Switchfoot. My last song download was either a free song from Air1 or K-LOVE (which they offer every week), or “Captain Jack Sparrow,” which I love, because it’s awesome and I felt a hole in my life fillable only by owning that song.
  5. Do you think any of the technologies and distribution methods mentioned above will still be around in ten years? Why or why not? CDs have been popular since the 80s and mp3s at least since I was in high shool, so I don’t see them disappearing anytime soon. The radio might be dead if not for cars. It’s just so much easier to let the radio DJs work for you for only the cost of your radio.

Here’s the hilarious but not family-friendly video for “Captain Jack Sparrow.” I defy you to not burst out laughing.

The Friday Five

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