7 Quick Takes Friday: Vol. 176

— 1 —

I just discovered that Twitter has a bot called Pentametron. It searches tweets based on syllabication for the ones that are written in iambic pentameter! Then it organizes them by rhyming into a sonnet at Pentametron.com! It doesn’t delete hashtags, and it doesn’t screen for profanity, but it can read numbers and Twitter handles as words. This is one of those times when technology and art hold hands and it is glorious.

— 2 —

A Goodreads friend shelved a book as “not sure” that I am not certain I believe exists. It’s called Canceled: The Story of America’s Least Wanted, and it’s roughly about a reality show on abortion. America votes, the woman kills her child. I loved the satire of Bumped, but Canceled sounds like it might go one step too far. I’m intrigued, but I’m scared.

— 3 —

Forget trashing the dress. Make it into a baptismal gown for your children! I have never heard of anyone doing this before, but I wound up at Fairy Godmother Creations in the midst of some other research, and I am hooked. I cannot think of a better use for a wedding gown. Unless the style mom chose was particularly timeless, some women won’t want to wear their mother’s actual dress. You can deconstruct mom’s dress and use pieces for daughter’s wedding dress, sure. But what better way could you have to use the dress you wore on the day you joined with your husband in lifelong love than to put that same dress on the fruit of your love: your baby, being brought into the Church?

— 4 —

I found another fantastic Potter gift on Etsy! This one is a keychain that says “Accio keys.” Love it!

— 5 —

Happy Meatday! Today is the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart, so I’m pretty sure you have a moral obligation to eat bacon today.

— 6 —

Related to the above, I came across a Pinterest board called Meatless Fridays. It’s entirely photo memes like the above, and not meatless meal recipes, but that doesn’t matter today! My bacon cheeseburger-eating self says, “Hooray!”

— 7 —

Through Monday night, you can get $2 in free MP3s at Amazon’s MP3 store with the code MP3S4ALL. I used $.99 of mine on the “Prayer of St. Francis” by Sarah McLachlan. I wanted Maroon 5’s cover of “Pure Imagination,” but they only sell that as partr of an album. What should I buy with my other $1.01?

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Love it!! I had NC BBQ tonight, sad, but true…..the true Houstonian my knight is, he suffers through the pork here.

Nice to meet ya!!!

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