7 Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 182

— 1 —

Secular media tends to just make fun of virgins and people who support chastity. (Remember TLC’s Virgin Diaries? It’s still on!) It’s nice to see an editorial in the Tampa Bay Times written by a chastity advocate, especially one who’s still going strong three years after outing herself. Thanks to the Everts for the recommendation.

— 2 —

After last week’s craziness (it’s so hard being popular), it was nice to have a much more relaxed time this week. I even managed to get my laundry finished before the sun went down!

— 3 —

I belong to a Harry Potter-themed LiveJournal community called Hogwarts Is Home. Don’t laugh; we have good times! It’s been a fantastic way to build (online) community and share my never-ending love of Harry Potter with people who already share it, so they get me. I actually joined way back in undergrad, but I decided to get back into it last month. If you’re interested, you can join by having an LJ for at least two months and filling out the application at Platform 9 3/4. Tell them angelicid sent you!

While I’m being honest, part of the reason I re-joined was that I was sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore. I agree with that sorting, but I needed to indulge my Ravenclaw side, too, so back to Hogwarts Is Home I went. I hear Pottermore has the Chamber of Secrets chapters open now, so I’ll be back there soon and blogging about it here. (But there’ll be spiders. Interactive spiders. Hmm.)

— 4 —

If that last take didn’t scare you away, here’s the part with pictures!

One of the activities at Hogwarts is Home recently was to create an outfit that a Hogwarts student not of your house might wear to show house pride while not in uniform. That was my introduction to Polyvore. I don’t completely understand Polyvore, but it is addicting to sift through all the amazing designer clothes I will never ever be able to afford, especially when it has a point like creating this sweet Hufflepuff pride outfit.

I would actually wear this!

I intentionally gave it a dash of blue. I am right on the cusp of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, so I needed to express a little original house pride with the new one.

— 5 —

Perhaps among the stranger activities was to use Polyvore to create an outfit that a Hogwarts-bound preschooler might wear. Hogwarts students don’t get sorted until they’re 11, but the idea is that you might manifest your eventual house a little early. My Ravenclaw preschooler would be pretty darn cute.

Well, that might look a little better on a second grader, but you get my drift.

— 6 —

I have just realized I made a grave omission in my 7QT. I have never gushed about The Lizzie Bennet Diaries! If you are a fan of Pride and Prejudice, you will squeal with delight over this modern adaptation. Lizzie has a video blog (as does Lydia, at the moment), Bingley has become the remarkably attractive Asian Bing Lee, and all the characters have Twitter. It is so epic. I apologize now for ruining your next hour or so by starting you off with Episode 1 right here.

And now I’m not sorry, because it is awesome and you’re welcome.

— 7 —

I remembered that the Olympic opening ceremonies were tonight about an hour in, but I caught some of the good parts. Congratulations on encouraging efficiency in what the hosts claim is the fastest Parade of Nations ever, London. Ralph Lauren, what were you thinking with those Team USA hats? Is it a beret? Do real people wear those? And hooray for teamwork in building the cauldron. Good times all around.

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I heart Harry Potter. I think I have read all of those books at least seven or eight times. And I can tell I am going to like the Lizzie Bennet diaries, which is why I am going to bed and save this link for tomorrow…. thanks for posting.

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