7 Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 186

— 1 —

As per my pattern, I’ll start with a video. I came across this video posted by the always insightful Mr. Nod. This company made the social media Nativity story, too, I think. And it will make you think.

— 2 —

I accidentally incited a Facebook debate on my timeline today. I posted a link to Teresa Tomeo’s editorial about the awful 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon. I’ve gotten a hailstorm of comments on things before, but it’s never been filled with so many ten-dollar words and near-essays before. I ought to add my anti-50 Shades manifesto to the Big List of Posts I Meant to Write.

— 3 —

I finally finished that salvation history Bible study I’ve been doing all summer. It was so great to finally go from “here are all the parts of the Old Testament that point to Jesus” to “here’s Jesus in the New Testament fulfilling all these signs from the Old Testament.” I’ve been feeling the effects for weeks. Now I finally get what all the prophets are talking about and why they keep saying Israel and Judah as though they’re separate things (because they were, for a while). I know why the books of Kings and Judges are so long and intricate but have basically the same message (trust God). I wish I had time to do the 24-week study, but I’m never going to have that kind of week-to-week stability with my job. Maybe someday they’ll offer it online. I would totally pay for that!

— 4 —

In secular news, I got my hair done today. I am always running late for my appointments somehow (as I am for my weekly holy hour), but I felt a little less awful this time since the salon moved to a new location. My stylist is still incredible, though, and now my hair is extra shiny and split-end free. If only I could detach my arms and see my head from the back, I might be able to work some of that Erica magic. For now, I’m just so glad I found her.

— 5 —

That’s all I’ve got for this week. It was extra busy and I was extra tired. This does not bode well for the coming school semester, since summer is usually my less-busy, relaxing, refreshing time of year. If that was relaxation, this semester might do me in. Hmm.

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