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What I Wore Sunday, Vol. 14

What I Wore Sunday

This week, we have the Extremely Early Photo and Extremely Late Post edition. I was out a little later than usual on Saturday, but I managed to pull something good together for Sunday. I even remembered to take the photo during my afternoon break from work, whereas I usually only remember it at the end of my long workday. At that point, I am distinctly more wrinkly and less enthusiastic about trying to get a good shot.

Dress, bolero jacket/sweater, and t-shirt all from Target. I love Target!

Dress, bolero jacket/sweater, and t-shirt all from Target. I love Target!

I’ve worn this dress many times before, for work and play, but I’ve never paired it with this bolero jacket before. It’s a good combo. It kept me reasonably warm in the cold morning but not too hot as the afternoon warmed up.

The problem is that this is a maxi dress. It loses the effect if you can’t see it full-length, but it is really difficult to take a full-length photo of yourself when you’re by yourself. Enter iPhone!

This is the full length of the dress and my Payless shoes. I swear I don't actually wear the same shoes every week!

This is the full length of the dress and my Payless shoes. I swear I don’t actually wear the same shoes every week!

That is a still frame from the very short video I shot of myself. I started recording the video, put my phone in the mini cradle I use when I’m watching a rented movie or reading an e-book, posed for a few seconds, and then stopped the video. Until I tried it on Sunday, I had never actually shot video on my iPhone or taken a still frame from it, believe it or not. That’s a testament to how easy to use iPhones really are.

So, there’s the full length, or at least the closest approximation a single lady can get. The maxi dress trend makes me glad to be so tall, because long dresses look good on me and I don’t have to hem them (even if I could!) or carry them all day. And it’s a good opportunity to carry out my challenge to make every fashion into modest fashion.

What I Wore Sunday, Vol. 13

What I Wore Sunday

It’s almost the end of Monday, but I was really pleased with yesterday’s outfit, so I wanted to share it before the week got away from me. I chose my outfit with this meme in mind. I’m not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, I like having extra motivation to dress nicely for Jesus. On the other hand, I don’t want to dress for other people, per se. Hmm.

Anyway, it was ridiculously cold yesterday. It gets cold even in Austin in the winter, but it was a rude awakening after spending last week in sunny Florida. It was humid, sure, but it was also 80 degrees out. Even cool sand is better than the frozen tundra of yesterday (and today)!

I’m cheating a little bit this week. I went to Mass on Saturday evening, so I didn’t actually wear this to Mass. But I did go to Mass to fulfill my obligation, and I did wear this on Sunday, so it works out.

T-shirt and sweater from Target. Skirt from Old Navy. Tights from Target. Shoes from Payless.

T-shirt and sweater from Target. Skirt from Old Navy. Tights from Target. Shoes from Payless.

Yes, those are the same shoes and tights I wore last week. (That’s actually the same shoe close-up in the collage.) I had time for a little hand-washing before I left for Florida, so my trusty tights were ready to go when I got back. The sweater was a bargain at Target last December: originally priced at $19.99, marked down to $14.99, and purchased with a “$5 off any women’s sweater” coupon from a Target REDcard mailer. Score! The skirt is an inch or two shorter than I would usually wear, but the tights balance it out. Last week’s skirt was corduroy; this one is just khaki.

Rooting around for something to wear today (no photo, sorry; I was too eager to feel finished with work by changing immediately to take one) made me realize how few cold-weather skirts I own. Not every fabric is good for layering with tights. I don’t need to wear tights for most of the year, but this khaki-colored skirt rotation will get old fast. It won’t be spring until March. This will be an interesting shopping mission, I think.

What I Wore Sunday, Vol. 12

I haven’t been to work in so long that I’m starting to forget what day of the week it is. This is a good problem to have, especially since it meant I got to have some fun this evening. Most weeks, I work on Sunday, so I go to Mass by myself at work. This week, I got to meet up with my friends. We prayed the rosary, sat together, one was the extraordinary minister of the Precious Blood, we counted the collection, and then we staged a small takeover of Chipotle. It was delightful.

Setting my own Mass schedule also meant that I got to pick an outfit for today that was mostly cute and not nearly as functional as my work clothes usually have to be. It was a great day to start participating in a new meme that is also my newest meme, What I Wore Sunday.

What I Wore Sunday

I didn’t do anything special to celebrate Epiphany. I don’t have a nativity scene (I know!) to have kept wise men out of until today. I do still have my tree up, though, and I will until the Christmas season ends next Sunday.

Blouse, sweater, and corduroy skirt from Old Navy. Tights from Target. Shoes from American Eagle brand at Payless. Click for full size.

Blouse, sweater, and corduroy skirt from Old Navy. Tights from Target. Shoes from American Eagle brand at Payless. Click for full size.

I hope this will encourage me to put more effort into being the beautiful woman I know I am every day, especially on Sundays!

7 Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 202

— 1 —

It’s been a long time since I did 7QT, but I’m glad to be back. I will start off with a video, as usual. I discovered this ages ago (back when I was doing 7QT regularly). It’s the original pilot episode from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, from 1996! If you’ve ever wondered what Buffy might have been like with the original Willow, perhaps this will satisfy your curiosity as it did mine.

It’s interesting to imagine what it was like to be the WB execs screening that pilot. It has some of that special Joss Whedon humor, but the show turned out to be so much more than the pilot suggests. Who would have thought?

— 2 —

Much has happened since my last 7QT, back in mid-September (yeesh, that’s a long time ago!) Work has been as challenging as my previous comments about it indicated. Since there are no “we’re closed”-type holidays between Labor Day at the beginning of September and Thanksgiving at the end of November, I effectively have three solid months of work. With my new responsibilities, I was even more swamped. Third years are usually pretty indicative of what a job is really supposed to be like, right? Perhaps not.

— 3 —

My morality discussion group met on a night this semester that wasn’t completely terrible for me, so I got to attend a lot of meetings. My friends and I don’t always agree, but we have a good time teasing out moral issues and learning how to defend what we believe. And I got to hear about the engagement of two of them straight from the couple! The bride-to-be said she specifically waited to see me in person before announcing it on Facebook; that made me feel super special. She and I tend to have very different opinions on things, but we’re still friends. I love that about our group.

— 4 —

As I said in yesterday’s Booking Through Thursday, I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but one general life change I’ve been working on recently is making better use of my time. I get home from work late, so I stay up as I’m getting some things done and winding down from the day, which means I go to bed late. Having gone to bed so late, I don’t get up until later, which shifts the rest of my day later. It’s a vicious circle.

At least I don’t have it quite as bad as my sister. I was home for two weeks, so I got to observe her current schedule: up and dressed around 5 p.m., asleep in bed around 5 a.m. I might have late nights and later mornings, but I do have my days roughly in the correct portion of the 24-hour cycle.

— 5 —

Please do check out my year-end review. I posted some new photos and summarized anything exciting from the last few months of the year.

— 6 —

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Catholic meme I wanted to imitate before, but look at the adorbs!


— 7 —

I started with a video, so I will end with one as well. I don’t know how I missed this viral video; maybe it’s because Fight Club is such a dude movie and I tend to stay away from those. This, though, I would see: “Jane Austen’s Fight Club.”

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

Booking Through Thursday: Resolved

BTT is back! Well, at least it’s back for today.


Any reading resolutions for the new year? Reading more? (Reading less?) Reading better books? Bigger books? More series? More relaxing books?

And hey, feel free to talk about any other resolutions you might have, too … or why you choose NOT to have any.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I never keep them, and it seems pretty pointless to set goals that I know I’m not going to keep. I tried once, on this blog, to make them public, because publicizing goals usually helps with accountability, but I didn’t keep them at all. I did wind up being more spiritual, but not that year.

As far as reading goals, I did take the Goodreads 2013 Reading Challenge. I nailed it in 2011 (12 books over goal!), but I failed last year by 6. This year’s goal is 30, and I’m already up by the one I started in late December (Delirium) and about to finish my second, so I’m more optimistic this time. As long as I’m keeping pace with the books I need to read for ACNM and still getting in some fun reading, I’m good.

Year in Review: 2012

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but I have not given up on this blog. If my two years of teaching stress didn’t stop me altogether, then I don’t think anything will. I’m not going to declare myself to be “back” again, though. Today will just be another post and just happen to be my annual recap. I’ll make a good effort at Booking Through Thursday this week, and we’ll see how it goes from there.

I only drew this in the cards of people I knew were Christians (and some of the ones for my friends with new babies, tee hee).

I only drew this in the cards of people I knew were Christians (and some of the ones for my friends with new babies, tee hee).

When I sent out my Christmas cards last month (happy octave day of Christmas, by the way), I couldn’t decide how to personalize them. Last year, I drew Christmas-themed decorations in each card with sparkly gel pens. (That inspired the baby Jesus from last year’s Ash Wednesday commentary.) This year, I had originally thought about writing a Christmas letter. My life feels boring and average, but I knew it couldn’t actually be that boring, so I went through my Google calendar month by month to see what had happened to me that was exciting.

You’ll only know what my top seven items were if you got my card, but the full list follows here.

January: I went to my friend Jess’s wedding at Notre Dame. It was a fantastic opportunity to see my friends from my second year of teaching, have a friend date with the lovely Sarah, and attend my very first Catholic wedding. (I know, right?) My blogging was definitely weak, and I hadn’t yet latched on to 7QT to help me keep track of my week.

February: At work, one of my coworkers and I formed a subcommittee to redevelop an old position into a new one. We hired someone just before we closed for Christmas, which is exciting. I also attended the Rite of Election as the RCIA director. It was such a blessing to see all our RCIA catechumens and candidates taking that step. Here at Lindsay Loves, I reflected on my initial experiences with the revised translation of the Mass, which remains one of my most popular posts (because of Catholic Ryan Gosling, I think). Come to think of it, I ought to update that reflection. It’s been over a year. I have a few different thoughts now.

The flowers were pretty, I really liked my outfit, and I wanted a good #lookingdown shot. Did I get it?

The flowers were pretty, I really liked my outfit, and I wanted a good #lookingdown shot. Did I get it?

March: I went on my annual work mission trip again, to Nicaragua, where I got my first ever sunburn. (Review that story in parts one and two.) I picked up a few old “to blog” articles (on moral relativism and Glee), and I gave blood for the last time before going to Nicaragua put me on the deferral list.

April: It was Easter, finally! I heard Lino Rulli, the Catholic Guy, speak at the local Catholic Charities luncheon. I took notes and planned to blog about it, but you know how that goes with me. At work, I started shadowing marriage preparation, and I hosted Dr. Ed Shirley for what was probably his last ever “Harry Potter and Christianity” presentation, because he died suddenly in August.

May: I saw see Twelfth Night at Zilker Park with some friends to kick off the Zilker summer. I reported for jury duty, but I didn’t have to serve! That was a sweet break. My friend Theresa invited me to the Paramount for the first time; we saw a restored print of To Kill a Mockingbird, and it was amazing, of course. Here on the blog, I reviewed October Baby. At work, I officially started saving for retirement. That’s not exciting, but it’ll pay off in the long run, I hope.

June: Sarah came to visit! It is always good to see her. I don’t really like traveling, but I do like hosting (or at least hosting her, I guess). I started the Great Adventure Quick Journey Through the Bible, which was incredibly eye-opening. I love Bible study. On the blog, I listened to and reviewed Vice Re-Verses, and I also unfortunately had to attend a funeral for a child.

I was cold, but it was so worth it! (For comparison, Google an image of Pocohontas from the Disney movie.)

I was cold, but it was so worth it! (For comparison, Google an image of Pocohontas from the Disney movie.)

July: I watched Independence Day fireworks with friends at Auditorium Shores, which was delightful even though I was hot and dusty all evening. I went back to Zilker for The Sound of Music, and I started working with my first couple for marriage prep. Here on the blog, I finally remembered to share my love of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. (It’s still going strong at nearly 80 episodes, and Lydia has taken off. It’s about to get real!) I had one of my most popular posts ever, about my favorite love songs, thanks to jumping in on Hallie‘s link-up right when it started.

August: I went on my annual retreat; that is, the one I get to participate in rather than running in some way. I got new glasses, and at work, I started preparing people to be godparents.

September: I shared a fantastic prayer method, and then I fell off the blogging wagon again. At the end of the month, my friend Sabrina got married, and I was invited to the wedding. I can now say I have even been to a Catholic wedding in town.

October: I went to what I think was my third football game ever (all on the high school level), and for Halloween, I dressed up as Hipster Pocohontas. My costume went very well with my new glasses.

November: I was invited to speak at a youth group retreat at Holy Cross Parish across town, which validated my public speaking skills and general knowledge of campus ministry. I was finally able to actually do some volunteering with Pure Fashion, and I had a quiet Friendsgiving in Austin.

December: As a great follow-up to my summer Bible study, I attended the “Psalms in a Day” seminar presented by Jeff Cavins. We got off schedule, but I had a good time, and then I attended a friend’s birthday movie marathon. It turns out that Newsies really is delightful. To be honest, though, I rang in the new year hoping that next year, things will be different. I don’t know what’s to come, but I hope it’ll be amazing.

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