What I Wore Sunday, Vol. 31

What I Wore Sunday

Hey, it’s the correct day and I remembered to take my photo! First time in a long time for that.


My dress is from Old Navy. It is layered with a Target undershirt, as usual. The white starbursts are positioned in just such a way that I was glad I double-checked all my layers from all angles before I left for church, if you catch my drift. I don’t think I’ve worn this dress since I started this meme, but it’s a summer favorite of mine. It was finally summer this weekend in Austin, Texas. Now I remember why I only cautiously wished that warm weather would arrive.

Once again, those are not the shoes I wore to Mass. They aren’t even the ones I wore home; I kept my driving flip-flops on during dinner at Rudy’s, so those came off as soon as I stepped in the door.

Of all possible convergences, I went to Mass at one of the churches near where I live only to have Mass celebrated by a priest from the church near where I used to work. I enjoyed his homily, during which he managed to mention Pentecost, the Tower of Babel, Klingon (the language), and the Internet. Good times. Happy birthday, Church!


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I like the t-shirt under the dress. It took me FOREVER to realize that if I just wore a camisole under stuff all of a sudden I could wear all sorts of shirts and dresses I had written off as not acceptable!

And thanks for your comment on my post today. A solution indeed!

p.s. I share your love for Jesus, grammar, Harry Potter, and contrariness!

    Layers have saved my fashion life. It’s a subtly subversive contrariness: I see your deep v-neck and raise you a t-shirt!

    FWIW, I do love Pentecost. I just realized: I don’t pray a Christmas novena, but my life with the Pentecost novena would be significantly unfulfilled.

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