Catholic Calendar 2014

It’s that time again! Even though I never actually re-hung my Nuns Having Fun calendar after I moved, I have had my Catholic dates all ready to go since I first made the Catholic Calendar years ago.

This year’s liturgical oddities:

  • All Saints’ Day is on a Saturday, so it is not obligatory, unfortunately. But All Souls’ Day is on a Sunday, so that gets top billing.
  • St. Kateri’s feast day will be properly observed this year for the very first time. Blessed John Paul II will be a saint by the time his feast rolls around in October, so that should be particularly delightful!
  • If Immaculate Conception 2013 had you totally confused, next year will be more straightforward. It will be on December 8 again, and although that is a Monday, it will be a Holy Day of Obligation. The obligation is only lifted when the date is transferred. That also means San Juan Diego has his memorial back, on December 9.

Here’s the good part: If you subscribed to the Catholic Calendar in 2011, 2012, or 2013, you should be set for 2014 now. I added the 2014 information last night.

If you are not subscribed and you use Google Calendar (or another program that accepts the iCal format), you can download the .ics file and upload it. You can add the dates to your primary calendar (the one linked to your Gmail address), but then you lose the ability to turn the Catholic Calendar on and off. I like that option, so I recommend this method:

  1. On the left-hand side of the screen, click the small arrow next to “My calendars,” then choose “Create new calendar.” I call mine “Catholic Calendar.” You can fill out the other information if you want to, but it’s not necessary. Click the “Create calendar” button.
  2. Farther down on the left-hand side, click the small arrow next to “Other calendars” and choose “Import new calendar.” Browse to the .ics file you downloaded and upload the events to your Catholic Calendar.
  3. All the U.S. Catholic holidays since 2011 should be visible now as all-day events. If you click the name of each event, you can see the liturgical color and the rank of the day in the description. If you want to know more about ranking (and understand why the Immaculate Conception was moved to Monday and not obligatory in 2013), see the Table of Liturgical Days.

If you don’t use Google Calendar or an .ics-friendly program, you can bookmark a single-page, fullscreen online version. If you click the button in the bottom right-hand corner, Google will add the Catholic Calendar to your primary Google Calendar. I can’t remember if you have to confirm it first, so click with caution.

For more information about the U.S. dates for the 2013 liturgical year (and all of the 2014 calendar year), you can read this very helpful PDF published by the USCCB. Don’t say your bishops never did anything nice for you.

Thanks to Romcal for the original idea and the backend data!

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So happy I found this! I think this is the only updated Catholic calendar for iCal on the Web! Thanks for providing an important service. God bless.


Thank you for the Catholic calendar. I installed it exactly as you suggested. It works fine and looks great.

I read on your blog about finding balance. As you know there are many charisms in the Catholic Church. The balance of ancient Benedictine spirituality is not for everyone. However, if you have not already been there, you might go for a long-weekend retreat at Clear Creek Abbey in Hulbert, OK. It’s about an 8-hour drive from Austin.

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God bless your journey to dwell with God, your super calendar is a generous, practical help with mine.

Thanks again.

    I’m glad you found the calendar useful! Helping so many people brings me great joy.

    I’m not sure if I could ever find an opportunity to go all the way to Oklahoma, but I will keep that in mind. I tend to be more Augustinian, personally, but I have clicked well with the few Benedictines I’ve met!

Thank you so much for posting this calendar. Your attention to detail is very inspiring! God bless!

Thanks Lindsay!! Been looking for something like this for a while. :) You’re awesome.

Glad to have found you! As an educator in a Catholic school, I find myself teaching parents, too. May I add your link to my class website?

Peace and Blessings, Joy

Thank you for your Catholic Calendar for iCal which is I needed the most and have been trying to find since couple of years ago.
May Love and Peace of LORD JESUS CHRIST be with all of us.

Yohannes Wintery

Thank you for this calendar Lindsay! :)

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