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Friday Five: A Trip Down Memory Lane

It’s late and I should probably go to bed, but I have officially fallen off the NaBloPoMo wagon and am determined to get back on it!

I wanted to post Booking Through Thursday yesterday, but it wasn’t up. Then I tried to post it today. Still nothin’. So I thought, “Ooh! The Friday Five has been back for a few weeks! I should do that. It’s the correct day and everything!”

But there are no new questions today.

Therefore, I’m posting last week’s questions, and I am pleased.


A Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. If you could do one thing every day that makes you happy, what would that be? Reading! I don’t read nearly enough, and knowing that makes me sad. I mean real reading, not blogs. E-books are okay, but I at least want to read a book every day.
  2. What is the one memory that stands out above all others (good/bad/weird/whatever)? Just one? Not a category? I have lots of good memories, some memories I can’t believe are real (good and bad), and some horrible ones. My 80s/90s birthday party this year was pretty epic, though. That’s a good memory.
  3. What is your ultimate comfort food? Some of my friends were discussing “eating their feelings” a few weeks ago. I don’t think I do that. I never get the urge to eat something when I’m sad and want to feel better. Usually, if I’m looking for food at a time of great emotion, it’s because I feel super hungry and also like a fool for waiting so long to eat!
  4. Do you still have a possession(s) from your childhood that you keep for comfort and/or sentimental reasons? If so, what reason or memory is that? I don’t think so! I’ve moved so many times that I don’t hold onto things like I used to. There are some stuffed animals at my parents’ house for my future children, but there’s nothing I’m aware of that was mine when I was younger than high school-age. The mementos I keep are mostly from more recent times. I lost a few critical ones in the move to Austin (such as my undergrad graduation red tassel), but I still have my memories of them.
  5. Do you or your family have heirlooms or special ‘hand-me-downs’? My siblings and I are spaced pretty far apart, so not much was handed down. Styles changed, and we moved too often to hold on to very much for very long. I have some jewelry from female relatives who have died, though. I hope I can pass down some of mine someday.

What I Wore Sunday, Volume 59

What I Wore Sunday

It has finally come to the end of a glorious long weekend. I’m going to miss all this relaxation and productivity! (Well, I could have done more, but relatively speaking, I was Wonder Woman!)

The weekend ended with Mass a few hours ago, of course. Here’s what I wore:


Click for full size. I wore a variation of this outfit over the summer, but I never actually posted that outfit photo. That means this counts as a 100% original for this link-up. Hooray! This is the fall version of that outfit you never saw, though. Alas, late summer has returned to Austin, Texas. It was in the mid-70s today. Don’t toy with me, cold weather! Either stick around or stay away!

Anywho. The mock wraparound top is from Target, the skirt is from Old Navy, and the shoes are the same ones from Payless I usually wear on Sundays. They’re starting to come apart from the soles at the front. I’ll probably need to replace them before the spring. I tend to love my shoes to literal pieces. I went for oval-themed jewelry tonight, opting for my favorite (and only) crucifix necklace plus earrings my sister gave me years and years ago.

Fr. Confusing Name gave a lovely homily tonight. (I think I’ve finally got his name down, by the way.) There wasn’t anything in particular that stuck out about it for me. I am ready for Advent. I’ve been waiting for a lot of things this year. It is a great comfort to know that Christmas will come no matter what (unless I die suddenly first, I guess). It gives me peace to know that what I’m waiting for will arrive.

What are you waiting for?

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