Top Ten Tuesday: Book Worlds I’d Never Want to Live In

Top Ten Tuesday

It has been a good long while since I’ve done a Top Ten Tuesday. I tend to always write about the same books, though, because they stick with me so much that I can’t stop talking about them.

My first two books were mentioned by the second original poster:

1. Bumped: I would like to think that, since I’m religious, I would probably be one of the super-religious women like Harmony who keep their fertility well into their twenties. (That is surprising in the Bumped world). I’m not 100% sure, though. As I get older, my friends have babies, and unmarried pregnancy becomes more common (especially among celebrities), it’s on my mind for sure.

2. The Hunger Games: Speaking of feeling old, I’m old enough that I wouldn’t have to “participate,” but I can’t imagine living in a country with a government that cruel. When I discuss The Hunger Games, I always identify the government as the real problem. It’s not so much that Katniss has to leave her mom and sister behind to fight to the death. It’s not even that she is technically fighting against a friend (or at least a classmate). It’s not that the government will kill dissenters. It’s that they will force the children of non-dissenters to kill one another. (Slight spoiler alert: That was a hint to the end of Mockingjay.)

The rest of my list are originals from me.

3. Unwind: Fresh from the Texas Rally for Life, I am accutely aware of the issues of resolving unplanned pregnancies. I still have some lingering confusion about how to reconcile storking (abandoning an unwanted infant to a new family who must take it in) with unwinding (donating all your child’s organs to be transplanted into others), but I should probably finish the series before I declare that to be a flaw. I’m definitely glad that technology doesn’t really exist!

4. Gathering Blue: The Giver has a sequel. (It has three now, but that’s the first.) In this book, the same world has another community where, rather than living in the future, everyone lives a primitive life. (Imagine the premise for Opposite Worlds on Syfy, but with two books, and much better than that show even sounds.) Because the main character, Kira, has a physical disability, she has to fight every day to keep existing. I would be crushed under the pressure.

5. Brave New World: I shouldn’t even have to explain this one. If I do, you’re like I was and you haven’t read it. Hopefully, you will be like me even further and read it.

6. A Canticle for Leibowitz: I like learning. I would only want to live in this post-apocalyptic future if there were also a convent of nuns (so I could join) who knew how to read and write like the monks. I could live like that.

7. Uglies: I could stand to feel pretty, but the secret of why people get their “pretty” surgery? That would do me in. I could be okay ignorant of the truth, though. Most people are.

I do read a lot of dystopias, don’t I? Are there any answers to this list that wouldn’t be dystopias?

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