7 Quick Takes on Real Books, Tears, and Ankles Like Oranges

— 1 —

I am so glad that it is the weekend! I’ve been waiting all week for it to get here.

— 2 —

This week, I powered through finishing the last Alice book. It was okay. One very positive thing I did discover, though, was that I greatly enjoyed reading while I ate lunch. I used to eat my lunch at work outside. When it got too cold to eat outside, I had to stay inside, so I took advantage of some unused office space (and wi-fi) to catch up on Facebook, email, and eventually Twitter. It felt like a very productive use of my designated downtime.

When I was reading this week, though, lunch felt so different. The time didn’t pass as quickly as it always seems to when I endlessly scroll through Facebook. I’ve read e-books while I ate lunch, and now that I think about it, that was a much more leisurely time, too. Now I’ll Tell You Everything happened to be a physical book that I checked out from the library, and it was even more relaxing than using my Kindle app! Reading made my break feel like a real break.

I’m not anti-social media or anti-e-book, but my experience has reminded me that there’s just something about a real book that makes all the difference.

— 3 —

Yesterday was my parents’ 32nd wedding anniversary! I texted my congratulations to my mom, who replied that they still like each other after all these years. Good job, guys. Good job.

— 4 —

My still-sort-of-new roommate invited me to go for a walk around the neighborhood last Saturday evening. I had just finished cleaning the house, so I laid on the couch reading on my phone for a while (and waiting for the heat off the day to burn off), but I went. Combined with the cleaning, I’m pretty sure our long walk counted as my exercise for at least a month. It was also a good nice, and I enjoyed talking with her. She works in ministry, so her schedule is almost as crazy as mine used to be. Face time is so important for relationship-building.

— 5 —

I went to confession the week before last, and I found myself laughing a little bit. Not at the priest, of course; mostly at myself, but I think that’s the first time that’s ever happened to me.

On the flip side, at my weekly group holy hour, I found myself instantly crying when the priest led us in a guided reflection. I hope that it will be the push I need to bring about some real reform in my life.

— 6 —

I mention my knee trouble here occasionally, although I don’t talk about it often even offline. It might have had something to do with my long walk, but my ankle has been swelling up like an orange in the evenings. I usually wear a knee brace during the day and take it off when I get home, but the swelling in unusual. Wearing the brace looser today helped. Any other ideas?

— 7 —

This weekend should be quite relaxing. I don’t have much to do besides laundry. This is good because next weekend is looking hectic, and then it’s Holy Week. At least I don’t have to work it this year! It will be a refreshing challenge to enter into Holy Week as an ordinary layperson again. Maybe I should have a plan. We’ll see.

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