What I Wore Sunday, Vol. 80


I was getting into such a nice rhythm of posting these right after I came home from dinner after Mass on Sunday nights. Then came this past Sunday, when dinner didn’t happen, so I ate my carryout on the couch while watching The Hunger Games with one of my roommates. So I am not sorry this post this late, and I am trying not to hold it against my friends for flaking on me, even though they kind of did.

Moving on!

Summer has arrived with a vengeance. Our house’s air conditioning decided not to participate in Sunday’s 95-degree heat, so we were forced to employ the wonders of cross-ventilation with windows and ceiling fans. I almost forgot to take my photos before yanking off my church clothes to cope better with the heat!


Dress: Mossimo for Target
Shoes: Famous Footwear
Necklace: handcrafted souvenir from Belize
Hair ribbon flower: random accessories store at the Round Rock Outlets

This dress is among my favorites. I love the color, the length, and the kimono cut. It was such a warm day that it called for one of my warmest-weather outfits. I even cleaned off my camera lens so my pictures aren’t so blurry!

Mass was… well, glorious since Jesus came. I was disappointed, though, not to hear about the Divine Mercy and only get a brief moment for Saint JPII and Saint John XXIII. We had a visiting priest, an older retired one with a distracting vocal cadence and a habit of speaking much too quickly. I definitely missed some entire phrases (maybe sentences) during his homily—and not for lack of paying attention. He spoke at length about a book he had written, tying it tangentially to the readings. There were so many possible topics: the new saints, the octave of Easter, the Divine Mercy, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the communal life of the apostles. Was he just visiting to plug his book? That seemed like a missed teaching opportunity.

Having no A/C led to a sleepless night. I was grateful for the wonders of technology, but it was tough to be in a house where it was fifteen degrees hotter than it was outside. Sunday was a rough day, but the rest of the week has been looking up. Going to Mass isn’t supposed to be about me or what I can get. This week was a good reminder that all I really need is grace.

Addendum: Fr. Elderly Visitor did remind us all, at the end of the homily, not to leave Mass early. Snaps for him.


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Two things:

1) I haven’t yet figured out… is Mossimo in general for teens or women? I know it’s between the teen section and Merona at my two Targets so I haven’t figured it out.

2) “…was disappointed, though, not to hear about the Divine Mercy and only get a brief moment for Saint JPII and Saint John XXIII.”

I was disappointed, too; granted, I didn’t hear much of the homily anyway because of Lucy or Patrick or something.

    I think Mossimo designs for juniors and women, but he’s only sold at Target in the U.S. Most of my Mossimo stuff seems younger than Merona, but not as young as Xhilaration. I wear some Xhilaration, too, though.

    I think about that when I wish I had kids. I’m just storing up grace now for when Mass feels like more of a rodeo than an opportunity for worship!

      Thanks for clarifying!

      I’m glad I came to appreciate Mass before kids so that now, I want them to grow to appreciate it, too, even if it takes years. I mean, Lucy loves the idea of going, but once there, she just. doesn’t. control. herself. :) Andrew apparently has told Chris that he wants to be a priest

      Sometimes I feel like Lucy when I think about cooking dinner and then actually get home hungry. I really just want to reconsider and eat whatever my hand hits first. How bad is that?

Our homily this past week was an elaborate sales pitch for the Archdiocesean Annual Fund…I feel your pain.

    Ouch! When I worked in campus ministry, we had an easier time with our diocese’s version of that pitch because we directly benefitted. At least our appeal always falls in October and November. Good planning, development office.

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