Booking Through Thursday: Favorite?


Do you have a favorite book? What do you say when people ask you? (This question always flummoxes me because how can you pick just one, so I’m eager to hear what you folks have to say.)

When people ask for my favorite book, I can never narrow it down to just one. That would be like picking a favorite child!

I do have categories, though, and I have to have more than one book per category. Maybe that is why people don’t usually ask.


If You Really Loved Me: It’s for teenagers, so it doesn’t apply anymore in my twenty-something life, but it changed my life for good. It spoke to my aching heart. I’m glad that Jason Evert has been writing for an older audience since he has gotten older and had a bunch of kids. I still need his advice!

Mere Christianity: It’s not Catholic, but man, is it good! It is clear and methodical without being too preachy or intellectual. His image of the fleet of ships is such a great way to explain morality.

The Bible: You knew it would be here. I’ll finish it one of these days.


Holes: I don’t think I had read such an imaginative mystery before I came across this book. I love a good story, especially one with lots of mysteries and secrets that are resolved by story’s end. This one delivers. The movie adaptation is quite faithful to the book.

Alice in Wonderland: I think this is the only classic I have ever read voluntarily. I was in the third grade. It was incredible. I know there are so many hidden meanings and whatnot, and although I don’t know any of them, I don’t care. My happy memories (and the awesome ABC spinoff from Once Upon a Time) are enough for me.

Harry Potter: Only one volume here, which is Goblet of Fire. It has the most information about the world outside Harry’s sphere up to that point, and it was the clear beginning of Ron & Hermione’s romance. Deathly Hallows was fantastic, but I’ll always hold a candle for that middle book.


Pride & Prejudice: I can’t even figure out what to say here! The language, the wit, the society, the outright humor, the surprising but not-surprising romance, the incredible adaptations: what’s not to love?

Hamlet: Plays are not technically books, especially when they’re not in that sub genre of plays meant to be read instead of performed, but this is an exception. It’s got a play within a play, it’s got unrequited love, and after 400 years, no one is sure whether Hamlet was faking it or not. That’s some good storytelling.

I think that showed some good restraint, don’t you?


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Ooh, Goblet of Fire is my favorite Harry Potter book too. Glad I’m not the only one holding that candle. :)

I had to have categories too. Pride & Prejudice and the Harry Potter books are on my favorites list too. Along with you, I loved Mere Christianity – I love all of C.S. Lewis’s writings. And, of course, The Bible. I’ve read the entire NT but only about half of the OT. I will get there someday as well!

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