7 Quick Takes on My New Job, Being Fancy, and SorryNotSorry

— 1 —

Thank you for stopping by! Your reward is that I begin this week’s takes with this gem from a Buzzfeed list of Harry Potter jokes everyone can appreciate.


Best laugh I’ve had in days!

You’re welcome. More at the link; not all are completely family-friendly.

— 2 —

I moved into my new position at work today. My previous job was never terribly difficult, so it took about as long as I’d predicted to train my successor. One of my coworkers trained me on the easiest aspect of the new job today, and I nailed it. I am quite pleased, especially since today’s work involved forcing one of those giant accounting calculators to bend to my will. Why on earth do the minus key and the plus key both have equal signs?

— 3 —

When I called my grandfather on Father’s Day, he confirmed that (a) everyone is waiting for me to get married, and (b) my parents will probably retire to Texas. He thinks Austin; I think San Antonio.

People usually come to visit Austin, fall in love (with the city, not necessarily with a person), and decide to move here. They came to visit Austin, spent a day in San Antonio, and basically fell in love with the River Walk. They did it wrong, but Austin traffic says, “Thanks!” My parents have a few years yet until retirement, and my brother is starting college in a place that is not Texas this fall, so we’ll see what happens.

— 4 —

The second session of my Psalms Bible study was pretty great. I remembered to do my homework, which was substantial (Jeff Cavins does not lie), and I enjoyed my small group discussion. It wasn’t a very long discussion, so I don’t feel like I got to know everyone, but I’m glad I joined the group. I’m young, I’m black, I’m Catholic, I’m familiar with Scripture; I’m a walking anomaly around my parish.

I’m about 90% sure I won’t be able to go to the next session due to a previously scheduled event. Okay, it’s happy hour. Am I a terrible person if I skip Bible study for happy hour? It’s the parish young adult group happy hour….

— 5 —

One of my roommates threw a going-away party for a mutual friend last Friday night. It was one of our smaller purely-social parties, and I enjoyed it greatly. The house got awkwardly hot due to pizza-baking for about three hours, but everyone seemed to be having a good time anyway. We half-watched Three Ninjas at the going-away-girl’s request. I always think of 80’s movies as having their own special quality, but the 90’s do sneak up and delight me sometimes, too.

— 6 —

As I was writing this post, I was reminded that my new jam is “Fancy,” the hit by Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX. It is ridiculous but also awesome. I won’t link to the video here (you can find it edited on YouTube, and you will love it if you remember Clueless), but I will mention that I have taken this hit and my designation of it as my jam to sing the hook at every opportunity. As it turns out, I come across a lot of people being fancy in my day-to-day.

I think it’s my new theme song. It’s the perfect thing for getting dressed for church.

— 7 —

No video for “Fancy” here, but I will just drop this one in. One of my pet peeves is women’s tendency to apologize for everything, especially feelings. This video doesn’t bring up the horrible phenomenon of “I’m sorry, but I’m angry” (why are you sorry for having emotions?), but it makes an important point. There are things you should not be sorry for.

Now there’s another reason I like Pantene.

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Hope your new job goes well! I have found that it can be a little scary to take on a new role, but always exciting.

After rebelling and trying my hardest not to like the “Fancy” song, I caved after watching the video a few weeks ago. Brilliant. Spot-on homage to a 90s favorite movie, and I still enjoy watching re-runs of it on cable almost 20 years later. (Woah. I can’t gloss over that one. Clueless turns 20 next year. Let that sink in for a sec…)

    Thanks! I’m ready for some excitement; my old position got pretty dull sometimes.

    It is a brilliant video. I already had my heartbreak when I realized The Lion King is 20 and Mean Girls is 10. Hey, there, gray hair, stop growing in so fast!

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