Booking Through Thursday: Family


Do other people in your family also like to read, or are you in this on your own?

My dad doesn’t read now, but he used to. He read the Lord of the Rings books in high school, and he also used to play RPGs. He told me a story once about ganging up to steal another guy’s goats in one game. That is nothing like the grown man I know, but I have to take his word for it, right?

My brother doesn’t read at all, as far as I can tell. He’s a football player, so that’s not surprising. Don’t get me wrong: he’s genuinely smart, but I don’t think he’s into reading for fun.

My sister reads. She reads Twilight, though, so I’m on the fence about whether that negates all her other reading. She enjoys Harry Potter (but not as much as I do!), and when I interviewed her as an “adolescent reader” for an assignment in undergrad, she recommended the Uglies series. In the end, I did not like Uglies enough to finish all the books, but it was worthwhile. They weren’t to my liking, but she’s got taste.

Then there’s my mom. Oh, mom. My mom reads Danielle Steel books. I can’t decide whether that is better or worse than Twilight. At least Danielle Steel movies are on Lifetime, where they belong, and where she and other middle-aged women watch them, and no one tries to compare them to Harry Potter.


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Ouch – I read Twilight! I think I even enjoyed it, somewhat (although I won’t deny how problematic it is). I also loved the Uglies series and HP.

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