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I don’t have cable. That is the main reason I don’t watch Say Yes to the Dress. But I totally have before. I like to imagine what it would be like to be engaged, to have a budget in the thousands, and to go shopping for the dress I’ll wear on one of the most important days of my life. So, naturally, when I discovered Loverly, I decided to plan my dream wedding using the gallery there.

For this task, I have chosen Italy as my dream location. How could I not be swept up in the romance of my new husband, my triumphant return to Europe, and that kind of proximity to Rome?


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Then I had to select a dress.

My first task was to narrow down the hundreds of dresses available. I decided to pretend that my dress budget is unlimited; I’m pretending I’m choosing my dress for a wedding in Italy, so why not pretend all the way?

I chose formal attire and a long length. In this imaginary wedding, we’ll be heading out for the sposi novelli blessing soon afterwards, so I will need something classy and Vatican-appropriate. I’ve never liked short wedding dresses, so I passed on those easily. I have no opinion on material.

Although I love my empire-waist dresses, I’ve realized that I need to branch out. Since I started embracing my body type and my personal style, I’ve figured out what looks good on me and what I like. I am pear-shaped, so I look best in A-line skirts with boat, crew, or square necklines. Sweetheart necklines and V-necks draw too much attention down. Boat necks are the best, really, because they make my neck look a million miles long and balance out the width of my hips.

Ah, the sleeves. I must have sleeves. I believe in having my shoulders covered in church. I will be having a church wedding, even if it’s not really in Italy, and the sposi novelli blessing (and any Vatican visit) requires covered shoulders. I’m open to a variety of interpretations of “sleeve,” but I do not think straps are the same as sleeves.

Once I had those decisions made, I used Loverly’s simple checkboxes to make my selections. I liked that it was easy to select all the variations of sleeve length and neckline, but I found it frustrating that the entire page reloaded with each additional selection. I also tested deselecting an option, and I found myself scrolling back down the page yet again.

Eventually, the checkboxes narrowed my selections to 24, and when I saw the one I liked best, I just knew.


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I loved this gown the moment I saw it. “Dress” is not a rich enough word. The sleeves plus the boat neck look so elegant, and the A-line is not accentuated at the waist, which I like. The lace over the whole surface is luxurious and delicate at the same time. I will not be wearing a tiara, but I’d still feel like a queen in this gown. I would wear it in white and with joy.

The shoes were much easier to narrow down. I would want to wear heels, for dancing, but I have no desire (and no muscles) for anything over 2 inches. These are perfect because I love peep toes and the lace picks up the luxurious feel of the lacy gown.


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That was fun! I haven’t done much wedding digging through Pinterest (mostly because I do not have an actual wedding to plan for, but I can see Loverly being a great resource for sifting through all the possibilities and ideas to find the one collection that makes your heart sing on the day when your whole life will change forever.

Many thanks to Loverly for the featured images. All opinions are my own.

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