Booking Through Thursday: Cold Weather Reading


BTT is back this week! Hooray! Just in time to give me a leg-up during this week of 7 posts in 7 days with Christina.

When the weather is cold and blustery, would you rather read something [that] is equally wintery or something to take you as far away from the snow as possible?

I’ve never really thought about matching my book selections to the weather. These days, the actual books I read are either about personal finance (for my pleasure reading) or Catholicism, Christianity, and religion (for my Austin CNM column…and for pleasure). The closest I get to “seasonal reading” are articles I read online about Advent and Lent!

I do like seasonal movies, though, and I like it when books acknowledge a progression in seasons. Harry Potter would lose some of its magic if the books didn’t run through school years. That’s a predictable timeline, but it’s a reliable timeline, and it fits the bildungsroman structure well.

It all goes back to my love of storytelling. Snowy, wintry weather is a great literary symbol for a closed-off, cold heart. Look how well it worked for Frozen! It’s also a neat way to add an element of hardship, dejection, or intensely extended time to a story. To have a happy ending or any kind of joy in winter is an anomaly. “Winter wedding” isn’t a phrase just because of the alliteration. To overcome an obstacle or defeat an enemy is winter is to fight the weather and the foe.

Summer books just aren’t the same. This is Austin; we get plenty of summer. Bring on the cold!

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