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So much for that “first Wednesdays” thing. Posting before the second Wednesday counts for me, even if it means I completely missed the link-up.

Here’s what I am currently…

Snacking (on): Protein! I went hard for cheese cubes for a while, but these days, I am all about soy protein. I found a store-brand protein bar that is very tasty, and I discovered that the same store’s “carb conscious” yogurt is full of protein and low in sugar. They’ve been great reminders that, when I’m hungry, I need protein to fight off hunger, not just carbs to fill my belly.

Anticipating: The start of school. Faculty orientation is this week, so I’ve dialed back my hours at the grocery store. My manager was sad to see me leave. It feels good to be wanted!

Borrowing: Audiobooks from the library. I caught up on all my podcasts and wasn’t in the mood to veg out with the radio, so I decided to try “reading” with my ears. My first selection was World War Z, which I highly recommend. The premise lends itself to a full cast recording, and the story is so compelling. It’s graphic, so don’t listen with kids around. My second selection was a standard YA novel. It has three narrators for the three main characters, but it’s not nearly as good. I might stick to listening to books I’ve already read with my eyes.

Admiring: My grocery store coworkers. It’s not an easy job. I have a new respect for people who make part-time, minimum-wage jobs work for their real lives. I understand how you could be working 40 hours a week and not be able to make ends meet. I’ve seen what great and lousy work ethic looks like in a labor-intensive job. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to work this job, one that I’m “overqualified” for, because it helped pay the bills.

Purchasing: A teeny bit more now that I’m under contract with my school (and therefore have increased my income). I’m not going crazy, but I can finally get my hair done to start off the year without split ends.

Recapping: July

  • I got to meet some of Mr. Man’s college friends.
  • We saw a professional production of Julius Caesar in Central Park.
  • I got a gift card for my two-month work anniversary, so I took my man to the Cheesecake Factory.

So what’s new with you? What are you anticipating currently?

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I work at a restaurant as their bookkeeper and totally feel you on good and bad work ethics. Some of the things I see go on is crazy but man the people do WORK SO HARD! Meanwhile, I just sit in the back office and pay the bills for the restaurant.

    Well, no one’s saying that your job isn’t hard (or is easy). Every job comes with some level of difficulty. The difference is what the difficult part is. I used to sit in the cube next to an accountant, and I filled in once while he was on vacation, so I know there is a ton of paperwork and trying to track down papers to make sure invoices arrive, bills get paid, late fees are avoided, and so on. On the restaurant floor, the challenges look more like standing up constantly, keeping track of important but temporary details (orders), dealing with heat and cold, and constant customer service. Neither job is easy, but they’re definitely hard in different ways.

I need to be better about having protein in my snacks–I tend to eat too many carbs or sweets. (I say this as I’m finishing a piece of dark chocolate….) I haven’t listened to any audio books lately, I’ve been too behind on podcasts. I need to get back to that though.

    Oh, I love carbs! It wasn’t until I tried protein instead that I realized the difference in the feeling of fullness, the actual energy provided, and my sense of satiety. Yogurt doesn’t make me “feel full” the way a stack of crackers does, but it keeps me from feeling hungry way longer.

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